Learning about Life

Do you ever see it like that? Like you’re here, you live and you learn?

I do. At least I try to. Although sometimes it’s kinda hard to see, like when you make yourself some toast for breakfast and you’re thinking: “So, what did I learn from this?” What I’m saying is not that all I’m thinking of every day is how I can learn something from a situation. But we all go through some difficult periods in life, maybe even times that will come and effect us deeply. Even if it’s hard to see at the moment, I’m sure that there is plenty to learn from it, though. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. 

Another famous saying is You learn from your mistakes. This is a sentence that I truly believe in. Yet I’d like to add a second reference to it: experience. Mistakes is something that we all make, some more than others, but not all we do is a mistake. Somethings are not exactly controllable, like illness or parents fighting, for example. Still you can learn from these situations as well. Not how to solve it maybe (because sometimes we just got to accept that we can’t affect everything that happens around us), but how to handle a similar case.

What I like most about experience is that I’m not the only person who can get use from my observations. Imagine you feeling completely left out in your new class/at your new work. You talk to your friend about it, but the only advice your friend can give you is to  try harder. As if you didn’t try! The other day you meet with your brother and end up telling him about your situation too. It turns out he has been in the same place. Just hearing him saying that makes you feel better, because you know he understands you. Sounds familiar? Maybe in this case no, but hopefully you see what I mean.

I believe that the more experience you gather, the more understanding you can bring to people you meet. Experience is empathy! Note that not all situations need to be tough and destructive to teach you something, though. It could just as well be about trying a new hobby and realizing that “this made me feel good”. Then you should do it again!

Learning about life is taking care of experience and collect information from the places you visit. Then to use it (to do good), share it and pass it on, because we can’t learn everything on our own. Perhaps I don’t know what it’s like to grow up with my parents divorced – but my friend does. That way I can imagine what it’s like, at least how she feels about it.

Experience is good, experience makes us grow. So don’t be afraid of living out your life. I say we live and we learn, from our own situations as from others. Or what do you say? ♥︎

Yours truly,

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