Rainy Friday – tips of things to do!

Hey Beautifuls!

Don’t you just love it when you get off school or work, maybe even a little earlier than the other days of the week, and it’s Friday! Then you meet the rain at the doorstep.

Honestly, I hate that. But why? It’s not exactly like I can do anything about it. So I can either go on hating rain, or I could actually try to change my attitude about it. Hating makes me kinda bored.

So if you are like me, feeling your whole mood drop when discovering it’s raining again; here are some tips of how to turn that grumpy attitude around!

1. Invite your friends over! Play games, traditional boardgames or online games, cook together, watch a movie together or just talk. Good friends can make any day to the best, no matter the weather!IMG_3263

2. Scrapbooking! Turn some of your favorite music on and start cutting, pasting, and creating a pretty album to yourself or for somebody else that you have a lot of pictures of. Birthday present, maybe?

3. Make yourself a real nice cup of tea, put your beautiful ass in the couch and just chill in front of a good movie or tv-series! So cozy, especially while hearing the rain pattering against the wall.

4. Learn how to play an (new) instrument! Or why not learn how to rap? Before you know it there will be a day for you to shine with your new talents! Besides, learning a new thing is a great challenge for your patience, and a well deserved ego boost when you’ve made it!

5. While being on the subject of music… Take inspiration from the rain pouring outside your window and write a sad, cheesy, heartbreaking love-song! Not only surprisingly easy, but fun as well! And who knows? It might turn out to be a hit!

6. Do the things you never have time for/ feel like doing or just postpone because of your own special reasons! It could be anything from finishing that essay to paying the bills or clearing your closet. The thought of it might not make you wanna scream from excitement, but it always feels so good afterwards!

7. Go outdoors! I mean seriously, how long hasn’t it been since you actually went out in the rain voluntarily? Since you were nine? Well, no matter what – I say it’s been too long. Go out, you don’t even have to be childish to enjoy it! In many countries rainy weather is a actually the romantic weather. Remember that when hearing your feet squelching from the water in your shoes.

8. And lastly: Start seeing the beautiful aspects of rain! I did this morning, when getting ready for work and realizing there is rain falling down from what looked like a blue sky. Haha, how did that even happen?

This afternoon I took a short trip to a lake nearby to take some pictures of the raindrops crashing into the surface. I actually got some cool ones!

lal more rain

lal drops

Seize the day, Beautifuls! You only live once. And even if you can’t turn a rainy day into a blue sky, you have the power of deciding your own attitude. ♥︎

With love,

3 thoughts on “Rainy Friday – tips of things to do!

  1. I was just going through your blog and it has this positive vibe that I can’t remember feeling whenever I browse other blogs/websites. You know what you’re saying and it is good. I don’t like rain I am more of a sun person (I live in India). Anyways, it was nice reading your blog. 🙂

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