When you find out the guy you used to know became a korean rap-artist

Did you ever have a friend a long time ago, a friend that you haven’t talked to in years that just recently came to cross your mind? One that you looked up on Facebook and discovered that he has become like an East Asian rapper or something? Well, it happened to me the other day.

I met him when we were 15. He was a South Korean exchange student by then, and the first thing I remember about him is that he asked me if I had a boyfriend. Then it all kinda started. We talked, he asked for my number and texted me the next day.

I didn’t have much experience in boyfriends at all by that time, which made it all kinda awkward. After about 5 months I was resting my head on his shoulder on the bus. Only once did that happened, though. Maybe you see what I mean..?

Now, being a bit older and wiser (not too much though), I can catch myself wondering what it’d be like if we’d meet today. Would there have been any sparks left, or would it only have been stiff and uncomfortable because we’d remember just how stiff and uncomfortable it was back then? I’m not sure I will ever find out.

You see, there was a time when I had plans of making a trip to East Asia to be able to meet him again. Then there was this day when I looked him up on Facebook and realized how much he must have changed! All of a sudden he had like a 1000 followers on Facebook, there were several links to rap-singles with provocative titles that he’d released on various sites and dark pictures all over his Facebook of him and a gang late at night, most of the time dressed in bling-bling jewelry and a lit cigarette between his lips.

Could somebody tell me what just happened?! Because I recall him as a bright, neatly dressed kid that wanted to work within marketing while growing up. And now he looks like a drug addict, with his Facebook all black, white and smoky and the whole new dressing code!

I want to believe it’s just a phase, but what if he really turned his life up side down? That makes me wonder: “Do we all change like that?”

But no. I’m pretty sure all of us won’t reach the point in life where we decide to become a Korean rapper. But the teenage sure is an interesting period. It’s where we find out who we are. Or perhaps more correct: who we aren’t. Me, I’d rather say that I developed than changed during my teenage years. That’s probably why I am that surprised seeing the boy I used to know dressed like a korean rap-artist. I mean seriously? I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING! (sorry for screaming)

Still I’m certain there are more cases to come. No more East Asian rap-artists, maybe, but you know what I mean. People will change, and some more than you would expect. That’s simply how it is, living in the crazy world that we do. ♥︎

But wherever the wind blows, don’t forget to love yourselves! (After all, you are the only person who for certain is gonna live with you for the rest of your life.)

Stay Beautiful,

(The guy on the picture is not my friend, but the korean artist G-Dragon.)

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