Back to when we were kids…

Hey Beautifuls!

I just gotta say that I had such a nice time with a friend last night. We are both working at the moment, which makes it a little tricky to meet and hang out as we used to do. Some days I can look back on the time when we were kids, and envy how easy it was. As soon as I would get bored, I’d call a friend and ask the simple question: “Do you wanna play?” And my friend would answer: “YES”, before I had even finished asking the question. No one was working or buried in homework, overstressed or exhausted from the pressure hunting you. So easy.

Yesterday, my friend and I took a walk through the city. Eventually we ended up by our old school. It was a long time since I visited that place, but when I have the chance I enjoy checking it out to see what have changed and what has stayed exactly the same as back when we were kids. Every time, the memories take over my mind completely, and I’m feeling like I’m a child all over again.

I’m pretty sure my friend did too. We went to all of the corners of the schoolyard were we used to be the most, and anywhere we went we couldn’t stop thinking of new childhood memories of things we’d done. It’s incredible what a great deal you remember sometimes!

And the swings; boy I’ve missed those! When I tried them again yesterday, I think I felt more alive than I’ve done the last month! I tell you, I had the time of my life.


Occasionally, the thought of not being a child anymore makes me a little depressed, but last night’s nostalgic trip to elementary school rather made me appreciate the beautiful memories I’ve saved. I’m aware of the fact that not all of you would look back at your time in school and smile, but whatever good memories you have from your life – don’t forget to relive them now and then!

Then start making new ones. ♥︎

Have a nice day, Beautifuls!

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