The significance of seeing

An old classmate of mine once held a speech about how we all are main characters of our own lives. Everybody else are extras, simply showing in the background without any specific meaning to us.

What do you say about that? True?

I think he has a point. There is one problem, though. Every single one of those extras in your autobiography hosts their own show. We are all protagonists! Just imagine how egocentric the world would have been if everyone walked around not caring about anyone but themselves…

Honestly, having a bad day I’m most likely to think it’s exactly like that, as if we were a great bunch of self-centered protagonists that wouldn’t even look at one of the extras. Like we’re too busy running our own shows! But I know it’s not like that. I just believe it’s possible for many of us to start considering this earth as a common lot, where we all are equally important. After all, we share this planet.

But what do I mean by that? – Let me explain.

My life is always going to be my life. I live it as I please and I have the right to decide what to do with it. And if I want to, I could see myself as the main character of the movie called “My life” and not care about anyone but myself. But I won’t do that, because I think that’s one shitty piece of advice.

At least in my case, I know there are people with less money, less belongings, less friends, less family and less ANYTHING than me. Actually, I live a great life compared to so many other beautiful men and women out there. I have nearly too much to be grateful for. But not everyone has been that lucky.

This world is not a fair world. We can’t affect that. Yet we are all citizens of it, and what we can do is to start seeing it as our home instead of my home, and take every opportunity we get to make it just a little bit better. If you can be nice to somebody; you should. If you can help somebody (and you don’t feel like it’s a huge burden for you); you should. Above all, if you can make another citizen happy; you should! It doesn’t even have to be that hard.

Me, I started saying “Hi” to the woman begging by the entrance at the supermarket in my neighborhood. Now she recognizes me when I come and smiles back on me, even though I won’t give her any money. Sometimes we even talk shortly, and I can tell she appreciates somebody just looking her in the eye. Where I live, the standard behavior is not to.

Other simple things is giving compliments, smiling, seeing the people no one else seems to notice, asking about someone’s day and truly listening to what they’ve got to say. Being there is for real so much more important than you’d imagine, and if you’re not aware of that already you will see that the day somebody’s there for you.

Trust me, these things could be the reason for making somebody’s day a little brighter. For some, a lot brighter! Either way, you will only see good things come from it. And being that easy, don’t you think it’s worth it?!

I think it is, but if I still haven’t manage to convince you, at least I would want you to try. I mean, do you really think you’ve got anything to loose here? I’m gonna help you out: No, you don’t!

So let’s make this world a little happier, Beautifuls. ♥︎

With love,


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