Calm down!

Hey Beautifuls,

Can I ask you something? Do you ever feel stressed? And I’m not talking about feeling like speeding up the tempo once in a while. I’m talking about feeling as if being buried under a heavy mountain of pressure, meaning you could actually sense the physical pain from the stress.

I see too many in my surroundings collecting assignments, believing they can handle more than what is actually possible, then nearly hitting the wall because of this. Me myself, I am a bit of a master. I tell myself I can do everything, and not only that I can, but that I should do everything. Then I ask myself why I feel exhausted? Boy, people are stupid…

To me, stress gave me a headache that would come to last for four years. I woke up with headache and went to bed with it as well. It was a part of my life. But maybe it wouldn’t have been if I had just taken care of myself. That leads me to my second question for you: “Do you take care of yourselves?”

It might sound funny, or it’s simply something that you’ve heard too many times – but I tell you, it’s definitely not a joke. I still need to get better at listening to myself, but at least I’ve found a way to unwind and sort of escaping my stressful life for some time. If you don’t have that, you should find one way too!

My secret is good music in my headphones as I go for a run in the nature. I love music, I love nature: it’s a wonder I didn’t make this up earlier actually! Anyways, now I know exactly what to do when getting the feeling like my head is about to explode. Afterwards, I even feel good.

So please, Beautifuls. If you often feel stressed, take it seriously. Then find an escape plan. Actually it’s not even vital if you’re an over stressed person or not, everyone should have a secret unwinding card to pull out from their sleeve when they’d need one. It’s not only healthy to relax once in a while – it’s nice as well! ♥︎

Take care of yourselves,

2 thoughts on “Calm down!

  1. I love your encouragement in your blog. My best friend and I, in college, had a friend who was over stressed. She was taking about 18 credit hours or more, the amount where you had to get special permission. She also worked a job, and had a position in a club. She was always talking to us about how stressed and exhausted she was, but she was legit clueless about why she felt that way. We just looked at her and were like, “Really? You really don’t know?”

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