With a little bit of luck

Hey Beautifuls! How are you?

Do you believe in luck?

Honestly, simple luck is not something that I believe in. I’m pretty sure everything that happens is planned in one way or another. But for those of you who don’t, with a little bit of luck is probably how you would describe the end of the incident I got to take part of the other day.

You see, I’ve been working at a supermarket in my town during the summer. Parts of the time, I’m the girl you meet at the opposite side of the cash desk. Me, I meet all of you. And I tell you, there are MANY kinds of people in this world, only in my neighborhood even!

So, this “other day”, I met a woman. She’s in her sixties, still dresses in black hoodies and her mind doesn’t quite sort things out the way it should (I guess she’s had some problem with drugs and alkohol earlier in life). I recognize her, and I always get the feeling she’s not sure where she is all of the time.

Anyways, she is just about to pay for her stuff, and after digging for some time in her wallet, she handles me an invalid ten dollar bill. I tell her I can’t accept that, but she really doesn’t seem to understand why not. So she asks: “Why not? Why can’t I pay with this”? and I, once again, try to make her understand that her bill is invalid.

With her diffuse mind and my perfectly calm business face, this discussion goes on for a while. She wants to take her food home and pay for it another day since she lives close by, and I say if she lives that near it’s okay for her to just go home and get the money she needed. Only she didn’t have any money at home… So here we are, and by this time more costumers have joined the line and I need to ask my colleague to open a second cash desk.

After working all day, my head was starting to get pretty tired, but I’m still trying to find a solution on this. Since I remember she had also handled me 2 bucks, I figured she’d might have some more money in that wallet. You know what? She did: coins! Great, I’m thinking, that’s gonna take us somewhere… (I hope you sensed my sarcasm)

But there is no point in start throwing towels around you yet! I tell her that we should try with her coins, and then she can decide what she needs the most at the moment and buy the rest another day. Reluctant, of course, but I suppose she’s realized she doesn’t have much of a choice. So, I’ve had 2 bucks already, how much more could we possibly need? 20 bucks? Ha, we’re screwed…

… was what I thought, but giving me her first hand full of coins, we’d already reached seven bucks. And she’s got more coins in there. Actually it seemed as if there were no end! She just kept handing me coins, and before none of us knew, she had given me 20 bucks in coins!

We were all smiling when I told her she could take her food home, me, her and the woman next in line that had been following the entire incident. After seeing things like this, it is too difficult for me to believe in such things as pure luck. I know someone was watching that lady. Because, I mean really? What are the odds of that happening? ♥︎

Have a beautiful Thursday!


One thought on “With a little bit of luck

  1. It is also awesome she had you be so patient with her. Some wouldn’t be so kind. I agree, I dont believe in luck like that. I dont believe in luck at all, yet still say, “Good luck.” Hmm, hope that doesn’t make me a hypocrite! Haha. Really great story!

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