The Teenage Hell

Today I’m gonna be straight honest with you guys. Being a teenager sucks! Everyone who has ever been one should know that, but sometimes I get the feeling like the older you get, the more you forget about it. Hopefully this is because life gets better, and not the other way around.

Anyways, to you who forgot what it’s like being a teenager (perhaps also to a future Lissy), this is experience from a recently graduated High School girl:


I am one of those students who you find at the first row in the class room. Always reaching for the best grades, making my teachers proud as much as myself. Honestly, I don’t know where this stress came from, but it got serious. Failing a test is like being beaten to the ground. It can make me wonder if I will ever get back to the same level where I was before. Then I’m thinking of what would happen if I don’t, and suddenly I’m cold sweating!

I wasn’t exactly struggling through school, that may be why I started striving for the best results – because I saw that it was possible. You’d think that is good, but it was such a burden for me in High School that I got sick of education completely. Now just the thought of attending College makes me wanna throw up.

Fitting in

The teenage is where you start finding out who you are. You’re experimenting, trying different styles, hobbies, friends… For some people, anything that you come in touch with! Me, I wanted everyone to like me. I wanted to be nice, fun, outgoing, cool, tough, confident – you name it. Any person should think: “Oh, there’s Lissy! I love that girl!” But we all know that is not possible.

Fitting in only lead to self-accepting issues, in my case. One period I could never be pleased with who I was. I hated myself and I wanted to cry just by one look in the mirror. Now I’ve start realizing I’m enough, just the way I am. It’s too bad you can’t see that earlier, though.

Cigarettes, alcohol and drugs

Not in all crews is this an issue, but in my previous class it was. When I started High School, classmates of mine could come and tell me about their weekend using sentences like: “We smoked some weed by a bonfire. It was nice.” or, “I was at a party at my friend’s, we we’re sooo drunk!”

At first I felt like a criminal, just taking part of the stories (these things were very new to me). Then, hearing it at least once a week it wasn’t that strange anymore. Even though I didn’t try any of it myself, alcohol in my ears eventually had the same effect as lemonade – harmless! Even drugs were an usual midnight pleasure and there were those who couldn’t even make enough fingers to count all of the types they had tried.

I still don’t think it’s particularly weird, but I’ve realized how lucky I was that never got into any of these things. Half of my previous class is now addicted to tobacco, and I haven’t met one smoker that didn’t tell me: “Don’t ever start smoking.” There were even people in High School, 16-18 years old, that got high or drunk at least every weekend. Sober, some of them could be the most miserable people I have ever met.

So Beautifuls, if you’re not aware of this already: Don’t fall for it, because nothing good will come from it! And parents: take it seriously.


I don’t miss it AT ALL! Puberty to me answered to: sweat, growing body parts, extra skin, new hair, sore breasts, bleeding from places where one should not bleed, unpredictable temperaments, emotions, immature fights, stress if being a little late, panic if developing to early… There is quite a lot ot things going on here. This is a period in life where we need to be left alone when we say so. Usually it’s just for a short time anyways. And don’t be mad at us for being grumpy or angry, we’ll calm down eventually but right now we can’t control it! (!!!)


Sex and group pressure

The experimenting continues and we all hear from our friends that we gotta meet guys and girls, lose our virginity, enter our first relationship and bla, bla, bla, it could on forever! My friend told me about how her classmates could discuss sex positions at the lunch break. They were 16 by then.

Sex wakes a lot of curiosity, but don’t worry if you’re 16 and still a virgin. I’m 18 and still a virgin, and I know there are people even older than me who haven’t had sex yet. Try to ignore the pressure, your time will come. And when it does, you won’t regret waiting till you’re ready. After all, YOU should feel okay doing it, no matter what your friends say, since YOU are the one who will regret it if it’s wrong, not them.

Mental illness and dark thoughts

Finally, if you haven’t figured it out from all of this already, the teenage is a stressful period. Pressure coming from school, friends, media, parents, ourselves… I didn’t know it affected me as much as it did until just recently. I felt so depressed some days during my final year at high school that I could chose to call in sick. Apparently, that is not how it should be.

But I met worse cases than myself, and that is probably why I didn’t think I was affected. I wasn’t as bad as them. When I was 16, one of my friends tried to hang herself. That’s how sick she was of living, the pressure had become too much for her. She never got normal again. Her brain was damaged while not getting enough oxygen, which left us a complete different person.

“Am I good enough? What am I doing here? IS THIS IT?”; she wasn’t the last one among my friends to struggle with these kind of questions. Honestly, being a teenager, this is what has been by far the toughest, most disgusting moments. You should know what bad asses teenagers of our time are, dealing with these dark thoughts! Because not only are they heavy, but damn serious as well. And we gotta take care of each other.

Anyhow, that’s my experience.
Did I miss anything? What are your views of teenage? ♥︎

Let me know,

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