Burning Pancakes

Hey Beautifuls,

Do you like pancakes?

I could live on pancakes, I’m pretty sure of that. I could eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner… and then when I’d wake up the next morning I could eat them again. I want to believe it’s one of those kinds of obsessions that are not particularly harmful, but I may have change that… Anyways, I LOVE pancakes!

But you know that feeling when you’ve got something real good going on and then you just screw it up? This morning, I was gonna make pancakes. Then I turned away from the cooker in what I thought was simply a few seconds, and I burned that pancake black. I was not even surprised. I just stopped for a while, looking at the pancake and thought: “Yep, I sure burned it”.

There are days when I feel like life is pain all way through, like there’s always got to be something. Most of the time I think life is sorta funny, though. As if the things that happens are linked to each other. What if there’s a common thread through everything in life?

Back when I was 13, there was this guy that started to show an interest in me. Since it had never happen to me before, I thought it was nice. We were in the same age and he was fun, so I didn’t mind him being annoying to me (really: had a crush on me). Then one day, he kinda stopped. By then I couldn’t understand why, but today, thinking back on how it was, I’m pretty sure he lost his interest in me because I didn’t give him anything back. He gave and I took, sort of.

If I had showed him I liked him back, I might would have found something nice. But as he was putting himself out there, I waited to long to take the chance. I turned away, and I burned that pancake.

But what do I wanna say with this?

Well. In our world, there are different types of pancakes to burn – and chances to miss. So what I want to get to, no matter the situation, is this: try not to! When you have something good going on, cherish that opportunity and make something out of it. After all, you only live once. Life is too short to miss out on anything!

But Beautifuls,
If you’d manage to burn your chance as I did with my pancake – don’t worry about it. Use my line above and say: “Yep, I sure burned it”, then move on. Perhaps you could even fix it? Me, I ate that pancake anyways. I guess banana and maple syrup could heal any wounds! (but that’s a different story) ♥︎


Stay healthy obsessed,



One thought on “Burning Pancakes

  1. Really liked this! When I was in middle school, I decided I would tell a guy I liked him, if he liked me back, cool, but if not I’d get over him and move on. The guys who declined me, immediately starting flirting with me when I stopped showing them interest, and it always bothered me. Maybe they took the attention for granted? Thanks for sharing!!


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