About Longing

Hey Beautifuls!

Have you ever been longing so much for something, someone, or just some point in life that it feels like you could run a marathon just like that (assuming you’re not a professional sprinter)? You just wanna jump, shout, laugh and cry at the same time; you don’t know what to do with yourself!

Anyways, that’s how it is for me when I’m really looking forward to something.

Growing up, being a classic teenage girl with a desire to be somebody completely different than the actual person I got to be, I was constantly dreaming about getting away. About living a life where I could be any side of me that I’d want with nobody knowing who the heck I’d been earlier. It’s not like I was an awful person really, let’s just say I was sick of being in a town where everybody thought they knew who I was. Besides, in my eyes I was not only “fat and ugly” (naturally), I was also shy, boring and way too cautious. But I couldn’t change that where I was. No, I had to get away for that, some place FAR from this town. That’s what I thought.

Because of this, I was really looking forward to the day I’d graduate High School. I imagined it being the same as if a prisoner would be let out of jail, even though I had no idea what that’d feel like. Just being able to choose for myself, do what I wanted to do and go where I wanted to go… I couldn’t wait! I felt like I could set off at the starting line for that marathon right away.

I still feel like I can’t wait to do stuff, I’m pretty sure that is one of the unchangeable things about being a human: eager. Then a voice starts nagging in my head (always resembling an aunt Betty) that good things come to those who waits. And I’m thinking “Pfft! That made me feel better! ”

… Till I figure that old saying might actually be true. I graduated High School this year. I can do what I wanna do and go where I wanna go (with some limitations), and in 14 days, my ass and I will be backpacking through Europe – my first get-away journey! I’m not gonna lie to you; IT FEELS AWESOME. Would it really have been the same thing if I had not been looking forward to it all this time, though? I don’t think so.

Longing makes that something, someone or some point in life extra special the day you actually get there. It’s like when you haven’t seen a dear friend in a long time. Of course you see him/her everyday and you love him/her just as much then as now, but the whole waiting makes the situation so much different. Now I’ve finally graduated, and I can proudly admit that it was worth waiting for. And sure, I wanted to go travel seven years ago too, but now I really want to go!

So what’s the rush? Keep dreaming. Challenge yourselves. Be eager longing! Because if good things come to those who waits, they’re gonna find you! ♥︎

Stay curious,


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