Chicks before Dicks (and Bro’s before Hoes)

Hey Beautifuls!

What is it that you tend to fall for? Are you a chick, are you a bro? Are you into dicks or into hoes? It doesn’t matter really. Could you maybe tell me this instead, though: When you meet a new boyfriend/girlfriend, do you easily forget about your friends?

To you who just said yes: I know you were honest, keep going with that because I really appreciate that. To those of you who just said no: That’s good if you don’t, but I don’t think all of you actually told the truth. Before you get angry with me, take a couple of minutes to read this post and then tell me again if your answer is yes or no.

I have six close friends. At the moment half of them’s got boyfriends and the rest of them don’t. One of my friends has had quite many of them, since she prefers being in a relationship. It’s nothing wrong with that, I’d say. The thing is that you can tell whether she’s in a relationship or not, because when she is you don’t see her around as much.

I’m sort of prepared of this already, because I’ve seen how often my parents have friends over. It happens like five times a year, maybe. That’s what happens when you meet the right one, start a family and all that crap, but I guess it’s okay by then. My friend, however, has not been very lucky. She’s had three boyfriends before her current boyfriend, and every time she’d really gone into it. Then, when she’d break up with one she’d be like: “I need my friends!” I love her, so being there for her by then is to me a matter of course. Unfortunately I feel a little used when she eventually meet the next guy, and we don’t talk anymore.

She doesn’t mean to be like that, I’m sure of it, she just seems to have a problem with prioritizing friends and boyfriends. For her, it’s either friends or boyfriends. If she’s aware of it, I have no idea, but since she still meets with us when we hang out all together, I’m quite sure she thinks we are closer than I’d say we are. Just because we are her closest friends doesn’t mean she’s our closest friend, you know?

Still in this case it could have been much worse, and I think most of my friends don’t mind her behavior. But if she wouldn’t have kept the little contact to us that she has, she’d probably end up losing us, and then what would she do if she’d break up with her boyfriend?

That’s why I tell you, Beautifuls: CHICKS BEFORE DICKS and BRO’S BEFORE HOES. Friends are so important! I’m sure you know that already, but do your friends know?

Regardless if you’re in a relationship or not, if you want your friends to stay with you you gotta let them know what they are worth to you. My friend seemed to take us for granted while her relationship ended, but we were there for her even though she hadn’t been there for us, and that was nothing she could have counted on. Relationships must be taken care of, so don’t forget about the ones to your friends and family. Because when your partner leaves you, they are the ones you will turn to. Then you better make sure someone’s there.

It’s good if you don’t forget your friends while meeting someone new, then you know how to handle the situation. Still, I’m pretty sure my friend doesn’t think she forgets about us either. It’s that easy!

So ask yourself again: Do you forget your friends while meeting a new partner? Even if you don’t think so, maybe it’s time for you to check with your friends too. Only they can tell if they feel forgotten or not. ♥︎

Love your beloveds,

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