We all are a bit stupid

Where are my glasses?! On my head, really? That’s embarrassing…

I do these kind of things all the time, stupid as I am. And every time I’m thinking: Okay, NOBODY would ever be that stupid but me. Then I hear others talking about silly things they’ve done, and all of a sudden I don’t feel as brainless anymore. I like that. If anything, I enjoy listening to good stories. But you know, sharing is caring. Thereby, I’ve collected a few dumbass situations for you down below. If you don’t think they’re stupid, that’s good. That means I have a shot in life. Otherwise… Nah, I’ll make it somehow!


I can hold the car keys in my hands the entire way to the car, because I know I will want to unlock it any second, and holding it in my hand makes me prepared for the action. Then, reaching the car, I grab the handle and try to open it! “Um, Lissy? It’s locked remember?” I look down at the keys, then at the rest of the parking area just to make sure nobody’s seen me. This happens too often to me…


My cat joined me on my trip through our garden this morning. All of a sudden, she felt like climbing a tree (you know, like cats do). What she forgot was that it had been raining the whole night. Shaking the weak tree, as she managed to do, she had all of that water over her. I could see the disgust in her eyes the second she realized what was happening to her! She escaped that tree quicker than anyone had ever left a tree before…


Once a week we arrange language studies to new citizens of our country in my church. Grown-ups are usually the ones that want to come, but they bring their children as well. Now it’s pretty much a big family reunion every time. I love it!

The thing is, some of the children tend to like me. Don’t misunderstand me; I like them too, but there are quite a lot of names to memorize, you know. One day, there were two girls following me around. They told me their names and I thought I had comprehended it. Until I realized I had totally forgotten about one of the girls! Really, I could not remember it! I’m honest, I would have asked her to repeat it – if it wouldn’t have taken so long for me to reach that conclusion. I still don’t know her name… I hate it when that happens. No matter if it would have been a stranger at a party or a perfect blind date. I HATE IT!


Sometimes the thoughts just fly away, and I start thinking of stuff that have nothing to do with what I’m currently doing. I’m sure it happens to you too, and usually not only once! Most of the time I’m quite smooth, though. I answer with “Mmh” and “Aha”, which works all the way until the person I’m talking to says: “What?” That’s when I realize he/she has just asked me a question. But what was the question… What did we even talk about..? It always ends with me having to confess my lack of attention.


This must be the silliest mistake I have ever made. I am so naive sometimes… Anyways, this is the story. Be observant, Beautifuls!

I was out shopping with my friend one day. While entering the final store, we sorta were a little short of time. Anyhow, I liked the clothes in there so I really wanted to take a look before we left for home. Lucky we did, because I found this cool T-shirt with a palm-leaf on it that I decided to buy! Since all this happened in a bit of a haste, I didn’t have any time to show it to my friend. So I stuck to my own opinion and bought it.

Coming out of the store, my friend wanted to see what I’d found in there, of course. Proudly, I picked up the T-shirt and showed it to her. “What do you think?” Her answer: “Eeh.. Are you serious?” Then she just looked at me, probably to see if I actually was as stupid as she feared. Obviously I was, I had no idea what she was talking about. Then she started to twaddle about weed and how the leaf on my T-shirt did not come from a palm tree…

To my defense, I was 15 by then!


I hope you enjoyed reading about this stupidity. Perhaps you even saw yourself in some of them? Or maybe you’re keeping some dumbass stories to yourself? Let me know if you do! ♥︎

Stay careful,


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