Guide to stop smiling

Nothing beats a smile…

Normally I’d say I agree, but I can also be a little picky sometimes. This is how I actually feel about it: Nothing beats a smile – as long as it’s a warm, genuine, non-forced one.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether a smile is real or not. Not only are we getting better at faking them, but also at using this kind of strategy more often. When I ask how my friend is, the most popular answer is “I’m fine“, this even when I know she’s not. It’s like everybody prefers to keep a lot of stuff to themselves. No one talks anymore! That is something I really struggle with to understand. Seriously, why do we do that? It’s not as if it makes us feel better? Only the other way around.

My guess is that maybe we feel confused by this new phenomena and choose to fake a smile instead of telling the truth, just to be on the safe side. Then let me help you out! Below follows a list of when you’re allowed to fake a smile and when you shouldn’t.


When you’re allowed to fake a smile:

  1. When you work within service
  2. When you meet total strangers (that are not yet ready to hear about your awful day)
  3. When you’re acting in the next Indiana Jones-movie
  4. When you meet Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom
  5. When you happen to walk into a pole on the street and smile in attempt to hide the pain
  6. When your dentist asks you to show your teeth
  7. When somebody (preferably who you like) takes a picture of you
  8. When a family member wants you to take out the trash (even though you don’t want to but should because you love him/her)
  9. When you eat food (any food) that somebody cooked specially for you
  10. When you want to show somebody that he/she has got something on their teeth without telling them directly

When you shouldn’t fake a smile:

  1. When somebody that you know well asks how you feel
  2. When you see something that’s wrong but don’t have the energy to do something about it ( -> you should do something about it)
  3. When you’re in a very bad mood (no one can be happy all the time)
  4. When somebody points out something negative about you just to make you feel bad about yourself
  5. Whenever you start noticing that a smile would drag you down. You smile because you’re happy. If you feel down you’re not happy. Simple as that.


I hope my lists have been helpful to you. If you have anything to add, remove or change – leave a comment! ♥︎

Smile honestly,


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