Hey Beautifuls!

What would you say if I told you to start off the day with blueberries? Do you even like blueberries?

Well, maybe you could learn to like them!

Why you should eat more blueberries:

The first reason: They are true vitamin bombs!
– Blueberries contains lots of vitamins and other nutrients. Healthy as few, especially considering what a small amount you must eat to get what your body needs!

The second reason: They are good for your eyes!
– Due to the high antioxidant capacity, blueberries get the blood running – so also in the eye! At, this is what is claimed: “They can prevent or delay all age-related ocular problems.” If so, blueberry on!

The third reason: They can lower blood pressure!
– If you have high blood pressure, maybe this is something to try? means that blueberries seem to have significant benefits for individuals with high blood pressure.

The fourth reason: They can make you smarter!
– Okay I don’t have any facts on that, but the antioxidants are said to affect areas in our brains that are important for intelligence. They may also influence aging neurons, which leads to an improved memory (or a delay of aging).

The fifth reason: They taste good!
– Blueberry jam, cupcake, ordinary cake, juice, soup, lemonade… The list could go on forever. You can eat blueberries whenever you like, to whatever you’d like (basically), or simply the way they are. Me, I decorated my banana pancakes with blueberries!


The sources I’ve used to support my arguments are:

If you’re interested in knowing more about the benefits of blueberries, go and check them out! However, I have no proof on that the arguments listed are correct or as “proved” as they are claimed to be. But I say, it could be worth trying! I like blueberries, and so far I’ve only heard good things coming from them! ♥︎

Take care of your bodies,

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