How to make it through the last semesters of school

Sick of school? Bored? Overstressed? Struggling with math, science, English or other subjects? Problem with the teacher? Problem with the students?

There are many ways to lose interest in school. Me myself, I experienced most of them during the last year of high school. If anything, I started questioning why I was even putting as much time to studies as I did. All of my life I’d reached for the good grades because I both had the capacity and the will to do so. But was I enjoying it? Actually, I was tired sick of it!

To me, the last year of High School provoked stress, exhaustion and depression. There was nothing I wanted more than it to end. I was never gonna drop out, though, like I had heard friends to my friends do. At least I was motivated enough to graduate.

But to do so, I would need more motivation than just the thought of graduating. Here are some of the things I learned that made school a little easier:

1. Don’t postpone things
Most of the time, there is no use in doing something later if you have the time to do it right now. If you do it now, you’ll be done with it and won’t need to worry about it later. Believe me, you’ll thank yourself for it when the time comes and you’ve got plenty of other things to do!


2. Use the school environment for studying as much as you can
Use your breaks, stop by the library after school or similar to study instead of taking everything with you home. Thereby, you’ll be able to separate school from your private life and hopefully get to feel free while coming home. Anyways, the more work you do in school, the less you’ll have while getting home.

3. Make something good out of a lame day!
There was this period in my life when I hated Tuesdays. I thought they were so boring, the classes were boring and the whole Tuesday-atmosphere was boring! Then I discovered a great series that was on tv every Tuesday night. Suddenly, Tuesdays became the day of the week that I looked forward to!

4. Make studying more interesting
Adapt your studies in favor of you and your interests! For great tips on how to make studying more interesting, check out this post by QueenTxti. Deeply recommended for those of you who need new motivation to study!

5. Don’t let your whole world revolve around school
Go out, meet with friends, join a choir or the rugby-team of your town or anything else that makes you happy. You only live once, right? So be nice to yourself and find something that brings light into your life!

6. If you feel stressed, find ways to unwind!
For me, a nice walk in the sunshine or a run in the forrest with good music in my ears was the solution. Sometimes also combined with a warm bath and a cup of tea afterwards. And music… Did I say music? I think music could change anything!

7. Don’t give up fighting
I could never count all of the times I’ve been thinking of just letting go of the “nice grades” and simply go for passing the class. Luckily, I had heard too many former high school students regretting that they didn’t work as hard as they should have to change my philosophy. Besides, it will be over before you know it. It’s worth it!

8. Remember it’s only for a short amount of time
Graduation is getting close. Don’t worry, you’ll make it there, even if it feels like hundreds of years away. Just hang in there (like this rain drop)! ♥︎


Keep swimming Beautifuls,

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