To take your own advice

Hey Beautifuls!

Are you the kind of person who’d recommend a movie you’ve never seen? Who’d recommend a sport you haven’t tried or a dish you haven’t eaten? Okay, then let me ask you this. Are you the kind of person who tend to give your friends advice, yet ignore taking them yourself?

Don’t worry, I see this everywhere. You’re not alone. However I’m gonna be honest, because I’m no good in shutting up: stop doing that – it’s bullshit!

It’s a cruel world we’re living in. Wherever I go these days, it’s like you treat yourselves like a piece of dirt, not all of you, but many of you. It’s as if depression has become a trend, and that you tell yourselves it’s no use in standing up and keep going from the ground which you once hit, because you will never be free from the darkness that’s taken over your life. You feel sorry for yourselves, yet you don’t do anything about it. Or you don’t feel sorry for yourselves anymore, which is why you refuse to change your lifestyle even though you’ve told your friends to do so. You simply don’t care anymore.

Still you don’t want people to get in the same situation as yourself. You know what it’s like, being where you are, and what you want to save them from. That’s why you tell them to go and get themselves together and overcome their struggles, because you are the expert of everything about the situation which you’ve ended up in and how to get out of it. Still you don’t, because how could you be so sure of something that you haven’t tried yourself?


To take your own advice…


The funny thing about this is that most of the people I’ve met that share this kind of thinking are already aware of it. Some even say to me, “I like to help everybody else, but I can’t take my own advice”. My answer is always: why?

But don’t think I don’t know why. You know it’s wrong, you just believe you’ve reached the point where it’s too late to change the way it is. You ran out of energy and motivation, suddenly staying miserable is simply “easier”. Then it’s usually hard to listen to yourself, and you need someone else to say it to you. – In that case, let me be that person!

It’s time for you to take your own advice, Beautiful. If you know we’re both sad, don’t tell me to go and be happy if you’re not gonna do the same. Don’t tell me to quit my job when I tell you I hate it, when you continue suffering at yours. And don’t tell me to stop look down on myself, when you’re the one planning on taking your life because you truly despite the person you are!

Beautiful, how did you start thinking this way about yourself? Why is it that you believe in your friends’ happiness, but not your own? Who put the thought of you being less valuable than others in your head?

Whoever did this was a mean creature. But do you know what? Don’t listen to it. Let me tell you how it really is.

You are a wonderful individual. Only the fact that you’re thinking about others before yourself makes me understand that, without even knowing you! You have a big heart. You are worth all the happiness in the world, and it’s waiting for you right behind the corner if you’re willing to go and look for it. You’re funny and you’re smart, you have gifts that are unique. And you are just as valuable and important as anybody else. So don’t be that harsh on yourself. If nobody else deserves it, you don’t deserve it either.

You don’t have to to stop giving your friends advice. Honestly I believe they could really use them. What I’m saying is that you should consider taking them yourself as well, if you know you’re in need of it. Besides, how are you ever gonna be able to lift people up when you at the same time are pushing yourself down? If you wanna love somebody, you gotta love yourself first, and if you wanna help somebody …

Stay just as beautiful as you are. ♥︎

With love,


Others you help, but you won’t help yourself. 

until now



5 thoughts on “To take your own advice

  1. People want you to give advice yet they would never act on it. Sometimes I feel older than the usual lot and when people ask how I know it, I tell them my internal working is old. 😅

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