Unexpected News

Hello Beautifuls!

Just the other day, I was taking a walk through the park. I was all alone by the time, digging the music in my headphones as I walked to the rytm. Suddenly, a song I don’t like went on and I decided to switch (which I assume is the normal instinct to most of us). So I picked up the phone from my pocket, skipped to the next song and – SHOOT!

A man, out of nowhere, just showed up on my side. I managed to say “hi” as he kept jogging quietly past me, but boy did he frighten me! I would have wanted to see the look on my face as I turned my head around. What a shock I had! Haha, my heart beats are running away just by the thought of it.

Then I laugh at myself, because isn’t this exactly how it is having something unexpected happening to you? Like when your single-friend since like forever tells you she’s met someone, when you find out you’ve won the competition you entered, or when you see someone you know on tv! First in shock – but after letting it sink in you start to get more comfortable with the situation.

Sometimes, you encounter so called “bad news”. You find out that a relative’s got cancer, that your cat was driven over by a car this morning or that you didn’t even get close to the result you wanted on the last test you did. The chock-moment lasts a little longer, then we often choose to not accept the situation before we eventually get more comfortable with it.

But do you know what? Unexpected news, as we could call it, is like a jogging man catching up with you without your notice. At least that’s how you should try to see it, bad or good news. Let yourself be in shock for the amount of time that you need to take in the situation. Then, when you’ve understood what has happened, try not to get to caught up in it. Usually, these are things you can’t change anyways, so why let them waste your time?

Don’t get me wrong, of course you’re allowed to be sad if something bad’s happened. What I want you to see is that most of the time these situations aren’t as serious as you think. You have a long life ahead of you, and on that timeline these unexpected news will barely have the size of a louse. That’s how much of your time it’s gonna take. Just like a jogging man passing you by in the park.

Spend your time wisely, Beautifuls, and let the people you love know that you love them. ♥︎

Yours truly,



One thought on “Unexpected News

  1. I always like the element of shock after the incident has occurred. It’s just the heart pumping at that moment- it feels good afterwards (if the incident brings a normal/good news).

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