Children may be naïve, but they are not stupid

Hey Beautifuls!

Some of you might already have registered that I work extra at a supermarket in my city. At a supermarket you meet a lot of people, not to say kinds of people. And there really are different kinds of people! Even though we all are unique, some are more similar to one part than to another, so to say.

There are independent shoppers – that know what they want when they walk into the store and set their eyes on the planned route without expecting to talk to or to see somebody they know. There are in-and-out-shoppers – that get what they want and leave as soon as they’ve paid, blabbermouth-shoppers – usually retired people that have to talk to everybody they meet about everything they know, and there are create-a-situation-because-I-can-shoppers – who tends to create a situation just because they can and enjoy it. Usually when reaching the “long” line.

Beyond these groups of shoppers, there are two categories to be divided into: those who happens to break something (or witness somebody else doing so) and will pretend as if nothing’s happened, and those who will chose to repair whatever’s been broken or report the incident. I tell you, the obvious majority belongs to the first category!

I can understand why to some extinct. Like, there was this one time that a woman had happened to pee in her pants (or more correct; on our floor). I would never have had the courage to contact someone in the staff to say that I happened to pee on the floor… That isn’t exactly something you’d want to be remembered by. But let’s say you accidentally push a package of sugar off the shelf. The cartoon breaks and there’s sugar all over the floor. Would you tell me about it?

Surprisingly enough, few would.

Today, however, I experienced the opposite. I was the one pushing a product off the shelf, and somebody else came after me and saw this. She hadn’t seen me (in that case people are usually more helpful and hands it to me), but she found the cartoon by the wall, picked it up, and put it back where it should be. She was a little girl, and her mom had never even discovered it.

Don’t judge me, I was gonna pick it up myself – she was simply faster than me! Though, that’s probably what made me even more impressed. There was no doubt she was gonna take it, she just saw it and solved the situation! And I tell you, I have dropped so many things during my year at the supermarket; but that was the first time somebody had actually put it back on it’s place.

Children may be naïve, but they are not stupid. They see one thing and if they know it’s wrong they act on it. The older we get, the more we start to think. I guess that’s why the only philosophers in this world were adults… Nah, perhaps there is a different reason! Anyways, kids don’t turn on a red lamp in their heads that make them wait and calculate before doing something about it. That comes after years of experience – and thinking like: “there are plenty of people in here, someone else will do it”. Then nobody ever does anything. That’s childish for real.

Still this girl did do something. And she was a child. Doesn’t that tell us something?


We like to believe that children learn from us, when we might actually be the ones who need to learn from them. And not only while seeing a mess at the supermarket, but any mess! During the seconds that we hesitate the situation might turn worse, and when we choose to ignore… Well, it doesn’t have to bee that serious, but we could really make it easier for somebody else just by doing something about it!

Occasionally, thinking is a waste of time. Like when you’re thinking of asking that guy about his number, then you get so nervous you blush by the thought of it only because you’ve been thinking about it too much. Let’s just say, sometimes it’s better not to! Observe SOMETIMES, though, don’t be foolish, Beautifuls! ♥︎

With love,


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