What courage really is about

Courage. How would you define courage? Someone who’s brave? Someone who has no fears? Or maybe someone who has fears but choses to put them away?
There is this girl in my church. She’s 15 years old, really sweet but one of a kind, sort of. I think some has a hard time understanding her for who she is, but if you decide to give her a chance, she’s such a cool girl. Most people would probably describe her as rather shy, though. In the beginning she doesn’t say much, and usually I’m the one asking the questions while talking to her (although that may simply be because I’m older). Still, a little quiet, you could say.
That’s what made me even more impressed by what I saw today. This Sunday a lot of people were coming to the service, and this girl, that I’ve been introducing to you, was gonna read a verse from the Bible in front of them all. She was amazing. She went up there, read her verse ( only a little shaky), and went back to her seat. No big deal!
After the service, she asked me if I thought she looked nervous up there. “What? Were you?” Turned out she’d been nervous about this moment since last night! It was her third time talking in front of people and it scared the shit out of her; but she did it anyways…
To me, that is courage. One day, this girl won’t be afraid of talking in front of people anymore, because she dared to be brave. She earned all my respect today.
Still, being brave isn’t about earing other people’s respect. It’s about earning your own respect. Really, who would be affected by this girl conquering her stage fright but her? Well, masses of people if she’d become a well-known politician maybe, otherwise pretty much just her.
Courage isn’t something that only exists in movies or poems, and bravery doesn’t have to be a knight riding into the great battle to save the entire kingdom. Courage is being aware of your own fears but putting them away in attempt of overcoming them, just like the girl you got to know did.
Don’t think you can’t be brave, don’t you can’t be courageous. But above all, don’t be scared of challenging yourselves (I know I’ve said so earlier but that’s simply because I strongly believe in it)! You are just as much a knight as Channing Tatum is hot. ♥︎
Enjoy your Sundays, Beautifuls,

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