Mom is always right

I’m pretty sure you know that already. That moms are always right, I mean. Stupid as we are (or me), we sometimes choose not to listen to her anyways. Then it turns out she was right all along and that I should have listened to her… It’s just as embarrassing everytime!

So Beautifuls; always listen to your moms! This is a story about what happened to me when I ignored my mother’s words of wisdom:

For the fist time, I was going away on a journey on my own. Mom was worried, of course, as moms are while finally letting their children stand on their own two feet. But I was not! I told her not to be and that I had it all under control. “Just don’t let your belongings out of sight. And don’t keep your cell in the back pocket of your jeans!”

That’s what she said before I left for my adventure. Did I listen? Sure I listened! Did I follow it? Well…

I’m used to put my phone in the back pocket. I like it better there and I can easily reach it. Sometimes I even put it there without thinking, it’s just a reflex! This time it must have been too. Walking down the foreign street in the new city, the phone ended up in my back pocket. Do you know what? Nothing happened! It was still there.

Not everything though. The morning after, I found out my bank card was missing, which I keep with my cellphone. It seemed like somebody must have taken it out of my pocket (or maybe I dropped it, I didn’t notice)! Instantly I thought of mom. Now, what did she say?


I felt so irresponsible. I really thought I had it, but I messed up and mom was right once again. My heart I knew that before I left. I should have listened!

But what can you do, right? It already happened, and in one way I’m glad it did. Now I’ll pay more attention next time, definately! I learned my lesson. And if anything I learned to listen to my mom, once and for all.

So come on, Beautifuls. I know she may drive you crazy somedays, but she knows what she’s talking about. Naturally she shouldn’t be reigning over your life, but when she gives advice, she’s not making things up! Trust me. Mom is always right. And she loves you. So be good to her! ♥️

You know I’m on to something,


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