Seize the day

Hey Beautifuls!

I know I graduated just a few months ago, but despite that I don’t remember too much about it. I know there was this previous student that held a speech, though. And she said something quite like this: “You think time has been flying already, but from now on it’s REALLY gonna start flying!”

My reaction was: “What? You can’t tell me that! This speech is supposed to be inspiring. Knowing that I will watch my whole life pass me by in a second is certainly not inspiring! Soon I will be an old lady with grandchildren running all around me, if I ever have children… To have children it takes to persons, right? Unless I wanna be a single mom… Is that what I want? Maybe I don’t even want children! Or a husband, no, I can make it on my own. Lots of people do that, don’t they?”

And now I’m done. But that’s basically what went through my head by that time! Then she spoke the well known words seize the day. – Damn right I will!

Especially since I realized she was right. Life was not gonna be over in a second, maybe, but I decided it was time for me to start taking care of the moments I was given and stop stressing about what was yet to come in the future. Now that I didn’t have school hanging over me, I could start focusing on me and what I really wanted. And I wanted to travel; so I did.

I’m not saying you need to do the craziest things you could think of, actually I’m not even saying you need to do any crazy business at all! Just live in the moment you are right now! Traveling was nice, I tell you, though what has made the greatest impact on my life is that I don’t let myself worry about the future anymore. I take the day as it comes and when I have some time left I spend it as I please (which is much easier when you don’t have homework to do, sorry). If I feel like having a cup of tea, I have a cup of tea, if I think I stop myself from talking to people I don’t know – I try to start a conversation with a stranger that looks nice. Learning about life, Beautifuls! Do you remember?

The easiest way to do so is definately by seizing the day. Telling yourself that it doesn’t matter if you make a fool out of yourself today, because tomorrow it will be forgotten. You live and you learn, and if you don’t like the way it is right now, change it! It’s your life and you only live once on this earth. So make something good out of the opportunity! And be nice to yourselves. ♥️

Yours truly



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