Take a walk!

Hey Beautifuls!

Are you truly aware of the importance of exercising? Like how our bodies really are in need of motion to feel good?

Deep inside, I’m sure you know how vital it is. Perhaps you’re even real good at taking time to work out? (- Cred to you guys!) But if you’re not interesting in gym or sports, why not simply go out for a walk? The benefits are numerous!

First of all: walking doesn’t make you close as sweaty as running or push-ups would (unless you go for hiking in the Amazonas as a first trip)! Besides, you get to set the tempo and the course yourself, and you can decide just how long you wish to walk!

Second of all: It’s a great way to just get away for some time and let go of the stressful life of yours. Add some good music and it’s as good as forgotten!

Third of all: You could bring a friend to make the exercising more fun! While walking, you could manage to talk to her/him without having to worry about fainting because you can’t seem to breathe and talk at the same time! Taking a walk is much less dangerous!


Fourth of all: You don’t have to pay for using expensive equipment! All you need is a front door. Once you’ve stepped through it, you’ve already started!

And fifth of all: Walking is exercise, just as any other form! And apart from a stronger heart, lower risk of dementia and other diseases, excercise has both shown to make us happier and less tired. (➡️Endorphins, Beautifuls!) And for a healthy result, 30 minutes a day is all that is required!

So why not go for a walk today? Or maybe make it a new everyday-routine? For all you know, it may be exactly what you need! ♥️

Embrace life, Beautifuls!

PS. While walking, don’t forget to listen to Take A Walk by Passion Pit!



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