Thank you for life!

Hello Beautifuls!

Do you ever just take a moment to think of all the things that you are grateful for in your life? Like, really just take some time to reach the conclusion that you may not be as unfortunate as you want to believe? I think it’s important to hold on a bit and see these things, especially since we as humans are quite good at complaining over what we don’t have, rather than appreciating what we do have.

Why not start with your own life? Do you have parents who love you? A pet that you could cuddle with? A roof above your head? Food on your table? Or maybe a bed to sleep in?

Do you have a school to go to? Or a job? Do you have a body that works? Does your pet have a body that works? Can you feel the sun against your skin in the summer? Or the cold winter breeze strike your face in December? And do you have cloths to keep you warm when your freezing? Because you know, not everybody do.

In fact, did you know there are people who would give their life just to have food to make it through the day? That there are people that could never even afford dreaming about having a life half as good as yours?

Did you know, that there are parents out there that have had to endure the cruel misery of losing a child? Or that there are children, whose parents doesn’t even want then, that have had to learn to live on the street? That there are men and women of this world, who fall into criminality or drug addictions never to be free again?

And did you know, that there are those poor individuals, that are reaching out for the world to see them, just to be ignored? People who has no place, under any roof or in any heart. That will always live in the shadows.


I can’t say I think it’s a good idea to compare yourselves to others, but in this case you should really try to see that your situation could have been so much worse. Start looking around. Is it really that bad? If you still don’t know what you have to be grateful for, start practicing! Make a list where you write down three new things every day. Then you’ll start looking – and once you start looking you will start seeing. ♥️

Life is originally good, Beautifuls,

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