Don’t forget to laugh at yourself

Hey Beautifuls!


if you’re even close to as clumsy as I am, you eventually have to stop thinking things are embarrassing. I make a fool out of myself quite often, you could say. When I was younger, I wanted the earth to wake up and swallow me in one piece every time I did, no doubt about that, but then I realized no one would think of my mistakes as much as I would. And I don’t enjoy thinking about awkward situations I’ve caused. So I stopped, and began seeing the funny aspects of it instead.

You see, it is pretty simple. Recently I traveled with a train in France. I had reserved the seats 23 and 24, but when we got there, it seemed like the entire couch had put their bags in a big pile onto our seats! I figured there wasn’t much else I could do, we needed those seats. So I raised my voice, said “Excuse me” and asked whose baggage this was. Noone answered, but they were all looking at me. I tried again: “Eh, whose baggage is this?” This time a woman answered: “It’s everyone’s baggage.” Ha, I though I was gonna lose my mind. How could “everyone” just put their bags on our seats! Didn’t they expect somebody would want to sit there? But no, that’s not quite how it was. As it turned out, our seats were in fact the one’s in front of the spot where you could store the baggage. The pile of baggage was NOT our seats. If I had only looked one more time, I could have figured that out myself…

I’m not gonna lie to you, I felt like jumping off the train. It was sooo embarrassing! Then I endorsed the beautiful landscape outside the window for a bit till I realized how funny it was, and I started laughing at the stupid incident. Like I said, these things happens too often to me for thinking it’s embarrassing. It’s easier to just laugh at it and move on.

But do you know what? I like it better that way. A laughter is said to make you live longer (that case I’m probably going towards becoming the first immortal human being ever!). Laughter is happiness and happiness is good. Besides, life will get much more interesting if you dare to laugh at your mistakes. – You’ll see! Because Beautifuls, you’re gonna make a fool out of yourselves, A LOT; so you might as well accept that! But hey, it’s really not a big deal.

So live, laugh and learn, Beautifuls!  ♥️

With love,


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