Why I can’t walk alone on the street

Hey Beautifuls,

What I am about to tell you are experiences from my life and from my point of view, although, I have a strong feeling that I’m not alone. Actually, I’m quite certain of that I’m not the only young girl in the world who recognizes what I’m blabbering about. If you’re not a young girl, or if you for any other reason can’t see yourself in the situation I’m about to describe; read carefully. This is why I can’t walk alone on the street.

When I walk alone, I am an easy catch. If I’m wearing cloths that are so called REVEALING, it means the lamp is green, and it’s okay for guys to go. It’s okay to say things like: “Hey Beautiful!” or “I’ll take the blond one”. Additionally, it’s totally fine to stare. Touching is something you avoid (in the beginning, I guess), but that is simply because the looks you give pretty much are becoming physical. I feel as insecure as I possibly could – the mission is completed! Now I’ll choose to come to you, just to hear that I’m beautiful and then I can feel better about myself again.

Sometimes there is only one guy, but mostly they are two or more. It’s more fun that way, because then you could shout dirty words in turn. If I happen to have a hot friend, there is one for each guy. And sure, why not? Please compare our bodies out loud so that we can prepare ourselves of who’s going to who. It’s even more amusing if I happen to have an ugly friend going on my side, though. Then you can comment stuff life “Ugh” or “Yuck!”.

The best part is that you don’t have to be young and immature to behave like this towards young girls; you can be in any age you’d like! The girls love the attention, no matter who gives it to them!

Only I don’t enjoy it.

I can’t walk alone at night, because I’m afraid I will never get back home again. Having a friend makes me a little more comfortable, even more so if he happens to be a guy himself. Then it’s like separate territories, which guys are not allowed to cross. If I’m in the right zone, I’m secure.

But if I walk alone, I don’t have that protection. I put myself in that situation, though, didn’t I? Young girls should know better than to walk alone at night.

Don’t think that this is everywhere I go, but rather in the wrong hours and in some cities and blocks more than others. Then I have this fear hanging over me, especially since I’ve heard disgusting stories about girls being raped and beaten chosing the wrong way home. I don’t want that to happen to me, so I might as well stay indoors, right? My turn to react: Yuck!

We are doing a great job about this entire equality-campaign, but there is still a long way to go. So Beautifuls, I beg you. You have the power to choose who you wanna be; don’t shout nasty words after girls (or boys for that record) while they pass you by. Or if you sense that your buddy is about to, don’t stand there and watch! As long as we live on this planet, we are also part of the future. And we have the ability to affect it. ♥️

Stay Beautiful,


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