Looking for the positive aspects

Hey, Beautifuls!

Did you know I’m a real child sometimes? It’s true. I want the best things for me at all times, if the food on my table doesn’t taste good I’ll find something else to heat from the fridge and when I happened to get sick during my vacation in Greece, my life is such a classic disaster!

Please agree with me, feel sorry for me? Because I had money to get to Greece. Because I can see the Mediterranean from my window. Because I will have more days in this beautiful (and sunny) country that I’ll be most likely to enjoy! No? Good. You’re really not supposed to feel sorry for me, and neither am I.

Look, Beautifuls. There will be days when your life will suck to 100 percent. Those days you’re allowed to feel blue. Actually you’re always allowed to be sad if you feel like being sad. It’s good to be able to cry out now and then, we need that too. But I know that there are people in this world (including myself) for whom it could also be healthy to cut down on the grumpiness.

See my example. I’m feeling bad because I got sick in Greece. Okay, be sad. You’re allowed to feel down! Although is it really that bad? This time for me it was not.

Everything is about attitude, Beautifuls. In this case I could decide to lay indoors and feel sad about myself and be an awful date to my friend when we finally went out to eat in the evening, OR I could decide to spend a couple of days indoors, take some time with myself and enjoy the hotel facilities (hence also the balcony facing the Mediterranean)! I couldn’t change the fact that I got sick (though that would be something), but I can always change the way I see things. If I’d be positive, it would not only be easier and more fun for me to make it through the day, it would also be easier for my company to go and have a great day on the beach without having to feel bad for leaving me. Because if you get in the same situation as I did, don’t you dare making them stay indoors with you! The only exception is if you’re dying (although then you should probably go and see a doctor) or if you can tell they really want to stay with you. Do we have a deal? Good!

Perhaps you’re a positive thinker already (- you go Beautiful!). But if you’re not so much a positive thinker, try this: Next time you find yourself pointing lower lips to the world, analyze the situation. On a scale from 1 to 10, is it really that serious? And be honest to yourself! If it’s not, challenge yourself and try to see to the positive aspects. Make the best out of the situation, and don’t be a rude dinner date to your company! Sorry, but you’re not the only person who matters in this world. If your dinner date could enjoy the meal – let her/him.

Draw a line between serious situations and not so serious situations, Beautifuls. And smile. You’re awsome, I know that! ♥️

Stay positive,


When feeling blue, look at this view. Where the color is real but the downsides are few.

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