Why not send a letter?

Hey Beautifuls! Whazzup?

You know what a post card is, right? Because I’ve come to fear that not everybody does anymore, since mails go via Internet and not to the physical form of a mailbox, unless it’s REEEALLY important stuff that must go in an envelope still. But I mean besides that, who sends letters anymore in this so called “modern world”? Where I live, people tend to use a mailbox (voluntarily) at maximum two or three times a year: Christmas, Easter and from abroad Holidays. Otherwise it’s totally useless. It takes several days for a letter to reach its final destination, the stamps costs money and the risk of it going lost along the way seems huge. Sending an email or a text is both simple and reliable!

But do you know how happy I’d be if I got a letter from you? I never get mail except from bills and commercial. I recall having pen palls as a little girl, about the same time when I called my friends from our telephone (not cellphone, but stationary phone from the wall), and the excitement that followed by hearing the words: “Lissy, you’ve got a letter!”. Seriously, it was so much fun! And actually I miss that, but I didn’t realize until my friend thanked me for the postcard she’d received from my stay in Barcelona. Apparently it had made her day… It made mine just to hear she thought so!

It’s nearly too easy to make someone happy in this world, Beautifuls. Sure you could save up for a romantic trip to Fiji with your partner or buy some expensive jewelery to your sister, but simply bringing them their favorite sort of candy could have the same effect. All actions doesn’t have to be great, what truly matters is that they are done wholeheartedly.

So why not cook for your parents, help your little brother with his homework, or put notes on the bathroom mirror for your partner with cute messages? Or why not send somebody a letter? Let your beloveds feel a little spoiled and special today. They’ll appreciate it so much! And when you see the happiness you’ve brought to these individuals, you’ll find yourself smiling as well. ♥️

Embrace life,



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