Under the surface

Hey Beautifuls!

Did you know how incredible our seas are across the planet? Under the surface, there is a whole other world going on! So Amazing.

Maybe you’ve seen it yourself as you went snorkling as a child? Or maybe you’ve even been diving with real equipment? I mostly recall swimming around with my goggles in the water as a little girl. But this summer I wanted to try something new, so I gathered some courage and attended a scuba diving course in Marseille.

I’m not gonna lie to you, it was awesome! All along the French Riviera, the water is crystal clear and just as blue (if not even more so) as the sky . This time a year, the Mediterranean is warm, but still cool enough for you to swim in while the sun is getting hot. The conditions were perfect for diving, and SO beautiful! Even though it was cool to see the mysterious life underneath, my favorite part was the moment my goggles went from being above the surface to being into the water, and I saw how different these environments were. I was not rather surprised though, since I had been able to see a little of it from the boat. It was pretty clear already from up there. Of course after breaking the surface, it was even better. Sort of like Tiffany from my old class!

Tiffany is probably the most extrovert, fearless and easy-going person I’ve ever met. She’s like an open book! Well, once you’ve opened it. Showing who she is and talking about her interests is no problem for her. Everybody in my class just knew Tiffany, no matter they hang out or not, which I thought was kinda cool.

Me, however, I’m nearly the exact opposite. To know me, you must have been my friend for quite a while. I’m usually the one listening to people. Yet don’t get me wrong, I’m not exactly a shy person. I’m simply not left as much room to talk and so I haven’t learned how to talk about myself either. I don’t mind being “a little less clear at the surface” than Tiffany, though. On the contrary, I like it! That way I get to save the mystery for the ones who decide to take the risk and get to know me!

People are different. Waters are different and surfaces are different. There are even surfaces that looks inviting, but turns out to be the exact opposite. Or why not the other way around? I guess you’ll never know the answer before you ask the question, and take the chance to find out.

What about you, Beautifuls? What do you think? And are you a calm, crystal clear sea, a playful river, a deep ocean or a cloudy lake? What about the people around you? Either way I’m certain you’re all full of beautiful discoveries! ❤

With love,



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