Spread some love

Hey Beautifuls!

Actually, I have a request for you today. A challenge, if you may say, or simply a reminder, depending on who you are. Yet the message is the same for everyone: spread some love today, where you are and to those you meet right now.

Love is the most powerful emotion, of which we have plenty but for some reason choose to keep to ourselves or the people closest to us. I say, why not dare to go beyond this border? And don’t be afraid, especially not before you know what I’m talking about! I don’t mean that you should go and kiss all the strangers you meet today. If it feels like the right thing to do, I’m not gonna stop you. But I think love is more than kisses.

I was out taking a walk with my friend in a neighbouring city just some time ago. Further down the street I could see a man begging. He was very tiny, his arms and legs were only bones and his shoulders started under his ears. I knew it would be hard to ignore this man, as I try to do when I don’t want to give somebody money. So I didn’t. I looked at him as we passed him by, smiled a little, he asked me how I was, I said good and you and he said he could have been better. When I answered his question his bony hand moved to his chest, just like a thank you gesture, and he smiled. Even though he’d said he didn’t feel particularly well, I saw that I at least had given him something just by answering the simple question “How’s it going?”. It’s nothing dangerous with talking, Beautifuls! Yet where I live you would never sit next to a stranger on the sub unless you had to.

It is so easy, spreading love! Usually I try to think: “What would Jesus do?”, and if I can’t seem to find the answer, I know that Jesus would never do anything out of anything else but love. That makes me wanna spread love, but maybe this post is what will encourage you? Because I tell you, this world doesn’t need more egoism, ignorance or hatred; it needs caring, humility and love. If you agree with me, what are you waiting for?

Spread some love today, Beautifuls! Sun is shining or it’s not, but you can make a brighter day for somebody anyways. I dare you! ♥️

All my love to you,




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