Why clichés became clichés

Hey Beautifuls!

What is your realitionship with clichés? Do you refer to them a lot, do you hate them? Are you sitting right now trying to figure out what the heck a cliché is these days? Don’t worry, I was gonna bring some of them up anyways! Here’s the first one:

Time heals all wounds. A famous cliché and so typical to say to somebody that just lost everything or had the heart broken. Actually, I hope more for these words than I believe in them. I’d like to counter it with a new cliché: Some wounds never heal. Thereby, the new expression would be Time heals most wounds, which I’m sure it does.

You can’t buy happiness. This is not something poor people say to be happy with the little they’ve got, there is real truth in this! A new jacket or a neat car may make you happy for some time, but I would never replace my brother for a nice jacket, or my parents for a neat car. No, the people around me is definately what brings joy to my life, (and what makes me miss home when I’m away even though the purchased trip has been great).

You can’t judge a book by its cover. Beautifuls, this is probably one of the most important clichés ever. Don’t. Ever. Judge. A person. Before you know him/her. Okay? I’ve been disproved too many times to say differently. There is usually more underneath than what comes to the surface.

You can’t please everyone: My worst enemy in this world. I always try to please everybody, not because I’ve told myself that people will like me more if I make them happy, but because I seem to have told myself that they will hate me if I don’t. Do you follow? You can’t please everyone, Beautifuls. It’s not even healthy trying, so stop that now.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade (!). I want to add the exclamation mark because I feel like there is so much energy in this saying. I mean, it’s really about trying to stay positive in a bad situation, so let it ring! Make lemonade! Everybody likes lemonade, right? Otherwise, just make something you like out of it!

You can’t have it all. Nope, sorry. It’s neither fair or possible. Perhaps you’re thinking “But I don’t want everything, I want THAT”. That may be everything, Beautiful! Sometimes we just need to accept the fact that life might take turns that we don’t completely agree with. But when life gives you lemons... You’ve got this by now!

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Do I even need to explain this? I hope it’s just as obvious to you as it is to me!


You learn from your mistakes. This is probably my favourite expression in this world. Not only does it mean that we learn from experience, but that it’s okay to make mistakes sometimes. It’s only human. We live and we learn; learning about life!

Lal 2

So, clichés became clichés because people through time overused them, but the reason people still tend to bring them up is because they usually have a good point! Don’t underestimate a cliché next time you hear it. Try to remember it’s original meaning. Who knows, it might tell you something? ♥️

What are your thoughts on clichés? Perhaps you have a favorite saying or you can’t stand any of them. Or maybe you simply have a different opinion about the ones I presented? I’m happy to her what you think!

Embrace life,

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