Love that never grows old

Hey Beautifuls! How are you today?

I suppose it’s a quite natural part of life, but there are days when I truly hate everything. Then there are other days, when I love living and don’t ever want it to end. Like when I realize how incredibly beautiful our world is, or when I see a couple of strangers helping each other out. That makes me think that there might be hope for this life after all! Then there are those moments that touch me to my heart. For some reason, this usually happens when I see old couples.

It’s like, when I see two individuals in that age still together, it makes me wonder how much they must have gone through. I imagine them getting married 40 years ago, having kids shortly after the wedding that now have kids of their own. I try to imagine the struggles they must have encountered, the problems and darkness that nearly tore them apart that they managed to get through, but also what a great deal of happiness they must have brought into each others lives since they still stay together. And I want to imagine, that it has been worth fighting for, all the way, even though they may drive each other crazy sometimes.

Because I can see them nagging at each other, and correcting the stories that now has been told over a thousand times. But I can also see them pulling each other up, and support each other while walking, since their legs are no longer as young and healthy as they used to be.

They have lived with each other longer than they have lived without each other – they have become what the vowels once promised: one unit until death do them part. Their love is as real as it can be, and they make sure to spend every second wisely because they’ve learned that nothing can be taken for granted in live, especially now that anything could happen.

I imagine them loving each other deeply. But above all, I imagine myself being just like that, in 50 years time as well.


Divorces scare me, but if you don’t love the man or woman you’re married to, it should be possible to break it. Yet I want to believe that it’s also possible to stay with one person for the rest of your life, just like them. And I hope I will find it myself one day. Time will tell, I guess. But until then I’m gonna keep dreaming. ♥️

Love life,

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