Welcome challenges instead of shutting them out!

Hey Beautifuls!

Are you the one who turns and runs when situations are getting a little more complicated than you thought they’d be? Or are you the one who sees the challenge and accept it (sorta like Barney in How I Met Your Mother!)?

Me, I accept. Every time! Or at least I’d like to say that… Actually, I’m more of a chicken kind of type when it really counts, at least at first. It’s just, well, it’s easier to run, don’t you think? To “deal with it later”, or just don’t do it at all. Yeah, I like the last one… But do you know what? That’s not how we grow! That’s not how we learn or how we get somewhere in life. In fact, that won’t give us a shit. Beautifuls, we need challenges. And they will come, wether you like it or not, so why not just as well stay prepared? This is what you do:

Imagine yourself as a wild homo sapiens living in the jungle. You’ve settled down in a quiet area, where there usually are no predators. But the forrest is full of them and you’re aware of it. Any time, there could easily be a hungry jaguar passing by your territories. The jagur is the challenge you’re facing. The thing about jaguars is that if you know they’ll come at some point, you don’t stick around doing nothing. You gotta be prepared, so that when it comes, you will be the one to attack before it attacks you! Of course you could also choose to run, but then there’s still a chance for it to find you again. Sooner or later your paths will cross, so what do you do? Do you deal with it, or do you hide from it until your fear eventually becomes too bad to get over?


Look, meeting a challenge is scary, especially for the first time. Thereby, running away or pushing it aside might seem more tempting. The beauty with challenges is that when you take courage to overcome the first one, the second time will be easier. Sure there are more predators in the jungle with other qualities and methods, and there will be new kinds of challenges, but hopefully, what you’ve learnt from the previous battles is that when you prevail, you don’t need to think of it no more. You can move on, stronger than before. You’ve learned from experience, to expect that anything could happen. And you’ve got to know the warm feeling of relief when it’s finally over, and how you just love it!

Besides, let’s be honest. It’s way more fun to give yourself a pat on the back than to stand in the corner, feeling the lump in your stomach growing from every moment that “this thing” you’re pushing away occurs in your mind. Tell yourself to meet it instead. Open up, welcome the challenge and find a way to deal with it before other challenge-buddies show up att your front door! Tell yourself that resistance is good, that you need challenges to grow. Because that is as true as it could be.

Challenges is a part of life. We’re tested, easily or seriously, but nothing is prohibitive. Everybody’s facing them, in one way or another, and no problem you have is a problem that nobody’s ever had before. If they made it through, you can make it through! ♥︎

Believe in yourselves,

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