Exclusive features

Hey Beautifuls!

There’s got to be something about you that separates you from everyone else. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I’m sure there is something. Something that only you know about, that only you do without really knowing why you do it. Am I wrong? Take a moment and think about it. What are your exclusive features?

Mine, I don’t know where to start! I eat frozen muffins rather than unfrozen. I like organizing stuff, but I hate cleaning. I’m afraid of darkness, but I prefer doing stuff in the dark. Such as speaking or singing in front of people. Somehow, darkness (or less light) makes me more comfortable. I think that started when I realized that the darker the room is, the harder it becomes for people in the audience to see my blushing cheeks!

Then I grew found of it. Now, whenever I feel like I need to set my emotions free, I switch off the light in my room, turn some good music on and just start dancing. Otherwise I feel like settling by the piano and start playing whatever comes to my mind. I love just sitting and improvise in the dark, where it seems like my ears are more open to the music and I get to feel the keys with my fingertips without seeing them.

I’m probably not alone in the world to do so, but I know that no one I know does this. So it’s an exclusive feature!

I also enjoy writing with pens. Not necessarily because I love using my fantasy and write things down, but because I like holding the pen in my hands and how the ink sticks on the paper. Simple crosswords are excellent for this purpose! (so I like doing crosswords too, don’t judge me) It’s not about any pen, though. You know some are really small that tend to make quite thin lines, but then there are those who are a bit larger and kind of soft. That’s the dream pen! I like pencils as well, but then they better be sharpened in a specific way!

Furthermore, when I don’t have anything important to do on a beautiful day in the spring, summer or the fall, I get out on four-leaf clover safari! I don’t believe in luck or anything, I just happen to think it’s fun! Amazingly enough…

Crazy? I guess so. That’s the best part about exclusive features! They’re always crazy, stupid, interesting, funny or weird – the perfect topic to bring up on a dead party! We all have weird habits, hobbies or just things that we do. The question is: what is yours?

Maybe you drink water only when it’s warm, sleep with your shoes on or make songs about smelly cats? Or maybe you grow pumpkins? – Let me know! ♥︎

Until next time,

Be your own crazy you,

lal fyrklöver

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