Break-ups and Goodbyes

Hey Beautifuls!

Why is it that bad things always seem to happen at the least suitable time? It haunts you down and strikes you when you’re not prepared, instead of picking a moment when you actually could handle it. No, in life you meet obstacles, that are way too high to ever get over. Anyways, that’s what it looks like at first.

Recently, a good friend of mine broke up with her boyfriend. They have been a couple for one and a half years, so seeing them apart is real weird! Of course, I’m not the only person to think so. My friend is devastated and has no idea what to do with herself. Because what do you do when the person you love tells you he has no feelings anymore?

For one thing, you cry. A lot! In fact, you cry so much you don’t know how to make it stop. The tears just keep coming, no matter you think of him or not. Only the simple question: “How are you?” could make you busy for the next half hour! Then you sit. Might not even think of anything, just sit and stare. Then he pops into your head again, and you break. It’s like your whole body is in pain.

Really, it’s awful. Yet at the same time it’s one of the most natural things you could go through in life. A break-up is obviously something that we all need to experience at some point. Tell me, though: How could that be? I think most of us could survive without it!

But if that would be it, there wouldn’t be any point in one-sided love or crashed relationships. Broken hearts and sleepless nights would’t have any meaning to our lives, and we would never have the chance to get up stronger than before. Even though it sucks, I like to believe that there is a reason for everything that happens to us; good things and bad things. Life is not simple, nor is it painless or perfect. But if you never see these rough days, you will never be able to appreciate the good ones. Thereby, break-ups, or any kind of goodbyes, are necessary.

It also gives us an opportunity to open a new chapter of our lives. Maybe you couldn’t be the person you wanted to be because you were in a relationship that stopped you from all that? And maybe you couldn’t do the things that you wanted because you always had to think of somebody else and not only yourself. Guess what? Now you can think of you and you only! You can start prioritize your life and your dreams, whenever it suits YOU. No more second thoughts, no more feeling bad because you didn’t bring your partner. This is about you and the fact that you can do anything you’d like with your life. Nothing can stop you!

Beautifuls, I know break-ups are hard. I know LIFE is hard! But it will get better, and you will manage through wether you believe in it at the moment or not. Take your time, grieve for a bit and then get back on the track again. Have fun with your friends, do the things you enjoy and watch the movies you like. Let this new chapter of your life kick the other chapters ass! Because it will, if only you let it. ♥︎

Stay Beautiful,


… Chapter Two …



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