Where do you get your energy from?

Hey Beautifuls!

What gives you energy to keep on? Good friends? Good music? Climbing? Astronomical discoveries? Seagulls? No, not seagulls. Cycling? School? Your work colleagues? – I bet there is something!

Me, I get nearly all of my energy from my faith in Jesus. He is the reason I make it through the day, he brings joy into my life and he gives me motivation to go on. Whenever I’m sad, I turn to him. Whenever I’m happy – I turn to him! And he is there, every single time. So cool. I just love it.

When I enter the doors of our church, I feel at home right away. In fact, I never feel as good as I do when I’m there! People are nice and hospitable, gives each other hugs instead of handshakes and help each other out, in prayer as in practice. For some reason, it’s like everything you do is so much better while being in church. Cooking, playing, meeting new people, singing – it’s simply better. Although, the best part is that everyone’s different, but there is still a place for everyone. Just like a family. If you can’t get energy from here, you won’t find it anywhere!

So, Jesus is just what I need to keep on; my energy source. No matter you’re Christian or not, though, I think you need something like this in life. A refill of energy and motivation, that just makes your life worth living a little extra. Usually we wanna believe that we can make it on our own, we wanna believe that we don’t need any help. But we are only human, and we must have something that pushes us. If anything, we need a break from reality at times. Then, when we get back in the game, we’re ready for it. And we can keep going for a bit more. ♥︎


What makes your life worth living a little extra? Where do you get your energy from?

Let me know,

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