… (freedom) …

Okay Beautifuls,
If you haven’t heard this song by Aretha Franklin yet, it’s time to turn it on now. Originally called “Think”, to me: “FREEDOM!”!

You can find it on youtube here!

Have you listen to it? Is it on (because that’s also okay)?? Actually, I won’t let you read the rest of the post if you ignore me, so you might as well just do it! Come on, FREEDOM!


So, this song might not be about the exact same thing that I’m referring to. Honestly, pretty much all I’m hearing is “freedom”, which makes me think of, well, FREEDOM! Any kind! Today, one of my friends finally got her driver’s license. I remember the feeling of sitting in the car by myself for the first time. Boy, I felt mature! And this song, FREEDOM as I still want to call it, was the song that went on repeat over and over again in my head.

I kinda had a flashback when my friend was in the drivers seat today. It was like it all came back to me! I could see the same excitement in her eyes as I recall myself carrying, a little nervous of course, but SO happy. Besides, did I tell you this was the same friend that recently broke up with her boyfriend? Well, it was. She needed this more than anyone by now!

So when she told me she’d made it, I couldn’t be happier myself. What an incredible feeling! Now she can go wherever she wants whenever she wants (basically), and no parents needed. I think I’m getting jealous… It’s not important that I can drive by myself too, I’m just jealous! WHAT. A. FEELING. (Okay, we don’t need to bring that song up right now, stick with FREEDOM!) Because driver’s licenses are freedom for real, Beautifuls. And so worth celebrating! Today will be a day that my friend will remember for the rest of her life, and I THINK (♫) that the same goes for each and every new driver out there. ♥︎

So, no matter you’re driving or not; Happy driver’s license day, everybody!
I hope you are well!

With love,



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