Keep Dreaming

Hey Beautifuls!

What is the first thing that pops into your head when someone asks you what dreams you have? Becoming an engineer, traveling around the world or starting a family? Maybe your goal is to star in the next Star Wars movie, or to release your own autobiography?

When I was a little girl, I wanted to work in a flower store. The short version (and only version) is I loved flowers and I had seen there being stores selling them. Imagine being there all day! To Lissy six years old, that would be a real dream coming true!

Then I had the opportunity to actually work as a trainee for a week within floristry. Turned out it wasn’t quite what I had expected, so my plans changed and I found myself dreaming about becoming a famous singer songwriter instead! Not that it was easier to work towards, but because I felt like it would be kinda cool.

But as you grow, so do your dreams. Eventually I realized I didn’t want to become a singer-songwriter anymore, or maybe that there were other things I could dedicate my life to until my great breakthrough. So I decided I wanted to travel, and as soon as I’d get out of High School, I’d go out there – discovering.

And now, I still wanna go out there, further than I have already. But do you know what the funny thing is? Dreams don’t just change because you grow – they change as you find new passions in life. When I picture myself traveling to different countries, I see myself alone. Also, I see myself older than I am right now. That means I can’t meet anyone for a few years… But who can decide when I’m gonna fall in love or not??

What I’ve learnt the past years is that nothing turns out the way you thought it would. It doesn’t matter how well I plan something or how much time I spend dreaming about it: there is always a twist. Now that I graduated, I traveled to Europe. Being there, I found out that I love being abroad and that I wanted to stay longer, only before I left I was offered a job that I wanted and therefore said yes to. Once again, things had changed and I had to wait with the next trip. So weird.

That might just be me, though. Still even if I know now that there is a slight chance that my dreams will come to change again, i prefer having dreams. The thought of me soon getting to travel the world was doubtlessly what kept me going through High School, not the incredibly interesting homework. And now, still working at the supermarket, I know that the money I make can be used for future journeys as well.

Having a dream or a goal might give you just the energy you need to give that little extra. Suddenly, what you do doesn’t seem too bad when you know that you’re working towards what you want. It’s like a reward for all the hard work!

So keep dreaming, Beautifuls. Because nor is it unhealthy or boring! ♥︎

With love,


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