Pull yourself together and Get up

Hey Beautifuls!

What do you do when somebody pushes you down? Do you stay down, start to convince yourself that you like the view better from there and become one with the ground? Or do you pull yourself together and get up again?

Naturally you get up. Maybe you wait until this somebody has gone, but you get up. I mean, you can’t stay down there forever, can you? That wouldn’t make any sense. The question is, Beautifuls: when something pushes you down, then what do you do?

Of course I don’t mean like a huge block of ice would fall down from the roof and hit you in the head (although that was only a few inches away from happening to me). Only sometimes, I feel like mental pain could have just the same effect as physical pain. When I realize I have too many things to do, it literally feels as if I would be wearing a backpack loaded with bricks. And when something happens, that I could never prepare myself for, it brings me to the ground just like somebody would have pushed me down.

It’s hard to get up again when you’re being held down by a load of bricks. What you need to do is to take off the backpack, put your hands on the ground in front of you and get up. Take some time to pull yourself together, find the right methods. Then face it.

Cause Beautifuls, we meet all kinds of weathers. Sunny summer afternoons to chilly storms, but nothing will ever be something that you can’t overcome. Yes we stumble, yes we fall, but that’s simply a part of life. When life gets tough, you might wanna let yourself being pushed down, you might wanna let yourself stay down. I say don’t. Again, take the time you need to pull yourself together. Find the right methods. – What do you need to be able to do this? When you’re ready, go into the storm and get it over with, once and for all. It’s not gonna hold you down anymore. ♥︎

Stay Beautiful,

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