Life is too short not to live

Hey Beautifuls!

Do you remember when people were saying YOLO? At least where I live it’s like that sneaky abbreviation took over completely. All of a sudden, everyone was hyping about living in the moment, doing the craziest things and trying the weirdest activities. Come on, YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE! (as a Christian I can’t help thinking “in this world”, but still). It seemed as if this expression found it’s areas, though. It was only working if the scenario was to turn at least a little bit epic or wild, but I didn’t like that. I felt pushed, and if I didn’t do anything I’d be boring. And no 15 year old wants to be boring! Tough life…

However, I like twisting words and finding a more proper meaning to them. I mean, why does YOLO have to be wild and crazy? To me YOLO means enjoing your life and living while you’re alive. Life is to short not to.

That’s why I buy myself a bag of candy when I travel somewhere far. (Not everyday, you also gotta take care of yourself if you wanna be healthy for as long as possible!) That’s why I take walks in the woods a sunny day. That’s why I allow myself to sleep late when I have the chance and why I watch my favorite TV-series when I’m having breakfast. That’s why I do my homework as soon as possible to be able to relax later on. That’s why I help my parents out with cleaning to make them happy. That’s why I smile at people to get a smile back. And that’s why I help people when I can, because I don’t want to stand alone when I truly need support.

That’s why I try to see the good aspects in life. That’s why I’m aware of the hard times, but choose to focus on what is to come afterwards. That’s why I try to love my life, instead of hating it. And that’s why I want to count days and seconds instead of years or chances I never took.

Beautifuls: You only live once (IN THIS WORLD), make it count as a good time! YOLO doesn’t mean you should be doing the craziest or the wildest things, it means you should be living so that you won’t need to regret anything. Live while you’re alive. Life is to short not to! ♥️

With loving intentions,


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