Caught in a bad circle

Hey Beautifuls,

Do you know what? I’m such an interesting person sometimes. I actually mean it, I think I’m a fascinating human being in many ways, although also somewhat negatively speaking. Usually, I know exactly what I should be focusing on to improve my well-being, but I don’t do anything about it. Funny, huh?

I’m too lazy, that’s the main reason (and the only reason) I could think of. I eat too much sugar, I should go for healthier meals. SHOULD. Then when Monday comes, and I have decided to start eating healthy, I tell myself that it’s not important to start right away today. Actually, why do I need healthier food? I’m not that bad! I could start working out again. Yeah, I think I should do that. SHOULD… Then it goes like that, over and over again. Do you see the circle?

I gotta be honest to myself too, though: my physical health is not my worst problem at the moment. Unfortunately, I could be better at taking care of myself mentally. I’m the kind of person who works efficiently and properly, if I’m doing something I’m going for it wholeheartedly, otherwise there’s no point in doing it. Moreover, I’m the kind of person who could be better at saying no, not because I’m weak but because I want to do everything. Clean the shelves by the pastries – I can do it! Join our band – Sure! Set me up for the Christmas Choir – it sounds like fun! Plan the Friday activity in church – Count on me!

It’s funny, it doesn’t sound like much work when I agree to do it. Well, that would be if they came once at a time. Eventually, all together I realize I have quite a lot of work. And you know me – if I’m doing something I prefer doing it wholeheartedly. That means I’m gonna have to find that energy again, which mostly goes away by the thought of all the work I’m facing.

Still, I know I do this. I know it’s been too much before, but I continue saying yes to everything. Boy, what is taking so long?

I don’t know if you need to hear this, but I know I need to hear it: STAY STRONG! Be harsh on yourself, make sure you won’t give in like that! You know it won’t make you feel good, so just stop it. NOW. It’s not that hard! You just gotta find that willpower of yours and stick to it.

Break the circle. Get rid of bad routines and take care of yourselves, once and for all. If it’s difficult, try to imagine what it’d be like to live with somebody that’s constantly miserable for the rest of your life. Because Beautifuls, you’re gonna have to live with yourselves for the rest of your lives.

So if you’re caught in a bad circle: get out of it. Especially if you’re aware of it like I am! Be good to yourselves. ♥︎

With love,



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