Hey Beautifuls!

You have seen Friends, haven’t you? The tv-series from the 90’s? Because if you haven’t, I’m about to do you a huge favor!




I love Friends, and there are many reasons why. First of all, it’s real life situations. Many tv-series nowadays are inspired by fantasy or horror, but Friends is about six comparatively normal individuals living in The City. (Sure, they are all fit and attractive, but that’s how show business work!) Anyways, there is the spoiled girl who must learn how to make it on her own, the guy who’s a bit of a social disaster, the guy who’s a bit stupid, the girl whose mother killed herself, the guy who married a lesbian and the girl who wants everything to be done in a certain way. They all have their issues, and each of them faces different types of problems. Watching the episodes, there is just so much to refer to!

Second of all: it’s motivational. Life is not perfect; nor are the Friends’ lives. Even though the happy endings seem to be more frequent in the series than in real life, there is always a clear bottom line: “Things are gonna be fine.” There are divorces, unemployment, heart-breaks, mean co-workers or just mean people in general, but in the end you’re gonna be alright. I want to believe that life works that way as well. You don’t have to be afraid, because in time things are gonna be fine.

The main reason I watch Friends is more simple that that, though: it’s just so entertaining! Watch one episode and you’ll laugh, you don’t need all the background facts. Still if you watch it from the top, it’s just so much better! The characters grow, find new occupations and meet new partners. Sometimes they run into their exes on the street, and when watching the entire series you know why it’s awkward. You get the whole picture!

Besides, the episodes are only between 20 to 25 minutes. I use to watch it while I grab a snack after work or when I have breakfast on the weekends. It’s perfect!


So now you know what to do today. Watch Friends! Especially if you would happen to belong to the group of people who has not yet seen it! Like I said, I love Friends. In fact, I’m watching the series for the third time this year, and I’m not sick of it! That is how great it is. ♥︎

So take a break and watch Friends,



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