Going to Europe? – This is what you can’t miss!

Hello Beautifuls!

Since I went traveling through Europe myself, I thought I’d share some of my experience (and pictures) in case you’re planning on doing a similar trip. What is there really to see in Europe? Or rather – what is it that you just can’t miss? Here are my views on twelve of the many incredible cities in Europe!


No Shame in Amsterdam was the phrase my friend and I used; this for many reasons. Amsterdam is an absolutely amazing city, where boats and bicycles make most of the traffic, but it is also a city where cannabis can be found in nearly all tobacco shops and where prostitutes wave to the people passing by on the opposite side of the window. Still The Red Light District (where the women turn on the red light in their apartments to show the men outdoors that their available) is a surprisingly safe area, and my friend and I felt as secure as at home.



Well, well, well.. Where should I begin? Paris is exactly what everyone says it’s like: beautiful, fashionable, sophisticated, romantic and lively. Not only are there numerous of monuments and tourist attractions to discover; the city is also full of cosy cafés and restaurants – outdoors and indoors, great shopping and parks to relax in. You won’t find it a problem to keep yourself busy!



Even though crowded, Barceloneta Beach became by far my favorite beach during this trip. Taking the zipline up to Mount Mujic, having an ice cream and spending the rest of the afternoon at the beach before visiting the Magic Fountain of Mount Mujic was certainly a perfect day. Unfortunately, neither of us were very impressed by La Sagrada Familia or similar attractions, but that may also be because we had left the French capital the day before.


Marseille, Nice

Traveling by train along the French Riviera may be one of the most amazing experiences on this trip. Mountains and vineyards to your left, the Mediterranean to your right with crystal clear water… So beautiful. Being in Marseille, my friend and I actually decided to attend a scuba diving course. It sorta just felt right! If you’re going to Marseille or Nice, it is highly recommended to visit between June to September. Both of these are summer cities!



To me embarrassingly overpriced, but still worth a visit. It sure is a vision to watch the massive yachts in the harbor or take a look around inside of the Casino of Monte Carlo!



In contrast to Amsterdam, the Italian city goes one step further and eliminates all car traffic. The narrow streets, cosy shops and gondols in every channel you could think of makes Venice a unique stop for the journey. We were both in love at the first sight, then the tall buildings and the dark alleys sorta took it away in a second. To us, a couple of days were enough to see the inner city of Venice.



Big boss number two after Paris: Roma! In my opinion, Paris and Rome really remind about each other. Lots of tourist attractions, great shopping and nice restaurants and bakeries. There is something for all kinds of people! Besides, it’s easy to get around. We used a hop-on hop-off ticket for the city sightseeing buses the first day and simply walked the second day. Of course, for this a centrally located accommodation would make things easier.


Napoli, Pompeii

Arriving in Napoli, our first impression of the new city came as a bit of a chock. While Rome is a rich and modern city, Napoli is not. Wether you enjoy Napoli or not though, you sure will have a fantastic time in the city of Pompeii – or the ruins from it. Or why not at the top of a volcano? Find the right day-tour and you’ll experience both. A day that you will never forget!




Ancient times still lives in this city. Only watching the Parthenon in the distance makes you feel like you’re tossed back 3000 years, when it first was built. Athens also provides good shopping streets and nice beaches, some which costs to enter but others which don’t. Compared to cities as Monaco (and to some extinct Venice), Athens is heaven. Let’s just say the Legendary Burger at Hard Rock Café just became 4 € cheaper.


Vienna, Prague

Unfortunately, we only got to spend one evening in the Austrian capital, but despite the short visit we both got a very nice first impression. You could sense the artistic atmosphere the moment the train stopped, and the beautiful architecture astounded us.

In Prague we had the opportunity to spend the afternoon. A beautiful city core, inspiring musicians along the streets and delicious Trdelník could impossibly have made us disappointed.




Remember that life is too short not to travel, Beautifuls! ♥︎

Seize the day,
Your Lissy

5 thoughts on “Going to Europe? – This is what you can’t miss!

    • We bought a train ticket from Interrail.eu on which you could travel as much as you wanted for a month. Since we had our stops planned already, we were sorta already prepared of the short visits in each city. However one new city every second day, if not every day, was challenging for the head. If doing a similar trip, I would recommend to stay at least three days in a row in one city every now and then. Three nights was what we felt being just enough to see what we wanted to see and to collect new energy for the next trip! ♥️

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