Why God Didn’t Make Life A Bed of Roses

Hey Beautifuls!

Having a good day? So far, I am. Yesterday was not so good, though. I don’t know why, really. Just that when one thing went wrong, everything started to go wrong. Do you recognize that? Well, it is so typical. And I, who don’t know what patience is, did not see myself having time for that!

In those situations I wish it would have been different. Not different even, I want everything to be easy! Like a bed of roses, that would have been perfect. But it’s not… Life is not fair and life will not always be easy, that’s simply how it is. Well, guess what Beautiful faces: there’s a reson why God didn’t make life a bed of roses! In fact, I’ve listed twenty of them. See it for yourselves! Especially if you’re having a tough day.

If life would have been easy all way through, you would never:

  1. Learn to stand up for what you believe in
  2. Learn to fight for your goals
  3. Be able to relate to your friend’s mishap
  4. Be able to understand your friend’s sorrow
  5. Be a good listener, ever (Yeah yeah, I try to listen to things I don’t understand too, but honestly if I realize I won’t get anything of the conversation I eventually stop listening) 
  6. Know what to live for, since everything in your life would have been perfect
  7. Know what your purpose of living really is
  8. Feel like giving up, then find that invincible strength inside of you that changes everything
  9. Grow! 
  10. Learn to overcome your fears
  11. Learn to accept challenges, or to recognize the good feeling of a pat on the back when being done
  12. Become independent
  13. Learn to appreciate the good days (you wouldn’t even know what a good day is!)
  14. Get the hottie you’ve been checking out, because you wouldn’t know that as long as you don’t do anything, nothing is gonna happen
  15. Have a juicy story to seduce the hottie with
  16. Get married – you didn’t get the hottie to fall for you
  17. Be able to start a family (or well, not the traditional way) – for that you would have needed the hottie
  18. Have grandchildren – you didn’t start a family
  19. Share your experiences to the people around you – they would be too busy with spoiling their own grandchildren AND you wouldn’t have any experiences to share anyways
  20. Be happy.

Quite tragic, isn’t it? Now, maybe your life won’t seem like such a disaster? I mean seriously: is a bed of roses boring or what?


That’s why God didn’t make life easy: it is simply for your own best. We need challenges to grow and to find willpower. We need the punches and the heartbreaks to grow, and we need the hard times to be able to appreciate the good ones. A bed of roses would never have made us the individuals we are today. A bed of roses breeds cowards and WAY less interesting people than us. Trust me, you don’t wanna be an uninteresting coward. That is like the worst of all cowards…

So Beautifuls, stay interesting! Keep fighting and keep growing. After all, that is what we’re doing here, isn’t it? Learning about life! Otherwise you’ve reached the wrong blog, honey! 😉 ♥︎

Your very own and constantly studying the motions of life,


21. Be able to stand up straight. Think of the thorns….


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