Just A Reminder of How Small We Are

Hey Beautifuls!

Did it ever strike you just how small we are? People, in general, really. We’re born, we work, we eat, we sleep and then one day we die. Our existence is just a fraction of the long timeline that life has lived on this earth. And me, I am just a head among the seven of billions of other individuals i this world.

2500 years ago, the Greek constructed Parthenon. By this time, a woman was soon about to give birth to Aristotle, a philosopher, physicist, biologist, rhetoric (among other things…) that we still discuss today. The Romans took over Europe, Columbus discovered America, Isaac Newton found gravity, Thomas Edison developed the light bulb, Picasso painted a famous painting, two awful world wars broke out but was also defeated, some bright soul invented the TV, Nelson Mandela fought for a society built on equality, young Malala stood up for women’s rights and female education in the Middle East and was rewarded the Nobel Peace Prize … And what did I do? Well, I could impossibly have done any of those things, right? Somebody already did!


Look, I may not be a well known philosopher, a pioneering leader or the hero of modern time, but why would anybody expect me to be any more than who I am? God made me this way, this is where I’m supposed to be. The people I meet is exactly the ones I am ment to run into, and I have every opportunity in the world to make an impact on their lives. Anyhow, that’s what I think.

Our time here is so short we don’t even realize it. That only makes it even more important to live while you can! Take care of this short while, be where you can be and be to those you meet what you need to be. Don’t worry about living the greatest, most awesome life that looks even more so on the outside. When you’re dead, nothing will matter anyways, and no one will care about the fact that you rode a black horse all way to Cape Town (or something else you consider awesome). Aim for living a pleasant life instead, even if it feels a bit small. Honestly speaking: it is small! But as long as you have friends and family that loves you, you will be all right no matter what.

Live in the moment just where you are Beautifuls, and do what you can. ♥︎

Spread love,



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