Winter Breezes…

Hey Beautifuls!

In my part of the world things have really started to change. Now that December is getting close, the days become shorter, windier and colder. Me, I am one of those boring kids who prefer staying indoors as soon as the winter comes. Although I must admit; I don’t think it’s boring. I think it’s super cozy! Sweatshirts and blankets, a cup of coffee or tea and a good episode of my favorite series. How could anybody not enjoy that?

The best part is when the first snow comes, though, and the dark landscape becomes a little bit brighter. By then, I could see myself stepping out into the winter breeze just to admire the lovely picture!



But with winter comes also something else worth waiting for… Christmas!

I usually think that starting with Christmas lights and music in November may be too early, but honestly, this year I don’t care! I went shopping for Christmas gifts this weekend. There were Santas and mistletoes, carol singers and bells, and I just loved it! After all, it is only once a year.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that this time I’m simply willing to enjoy this time of the year. Sure it will be stressful to make it go around and sure it will be frustrating when I can’t find the perfect gifts (as always), but isn’t it really just about being with the people you love?

If it is, why make such a big deal out of it? Why not just try to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere, the stupid music they play every year and the Santas that appear in every home? I will (try), and I think you should too!

So Merry Christmas, Beautifuls, one month in advance! I hope you’ll be able to enjoy December. And if you for any reason are celebrating Christmas by yourself this year – all my love to you!

Take care lovely readers. ♥︎

See you soon,


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