Talking about Bus drivers…

Hello Beautifuls!

How are you these days? Busy? Not at all? Me, I have lots of projects going on, especially since Christmas is getting close! My mind is sorta multitasking, and when I try to do several things at one time I end up forgetting what I was doing. It’s a little messy in there I guess. My thoughts aren’t exactly being considered before I express myself (nothing unusual really, but still). This weekend, I wasn’t thinking at all.

I attended a leader-ship course in church (mainly about preventing abuse and assault on children and teenagers). The course was divided in three separate parts, one being a group discussion where each group got a made-up scenario to solve. My table had a situation on intercession.

20 year-old Tyler feels strongly this year to be a part of the intercession team. He has never done it before. You are not in the intercession team, but you have been watching Tyler during the services and noticed that many young girls tend to come to him. When the girls sit down next to him, he starts the act with removing some hair from their face with his fingers, looks deeply into their eyes the whole time, holds them close during the prayer and gives them a firm hug before saying goodbye. The girls feel happy and appreciated. 

The first question given to this situation was: Is this a problem or not? Of course it is a problem, we all agreed on that. When the course instructor wanted to hear our answers I was the one to motivate our thoughts. To explain why this was a problem, I wanted to use a clear example. “It may seem alright when 20 year-old Tyler does this, but what if this person would have been Bob, the 55 year-old bus driver? Would it have been okay if he’d have done the same thing? No, that would have been creepy…”

I assumed the rest of the people in the room understood my point. It was clear and concise. When I got home that day I realized something, though. Didn’t one of the scout leaders in that course mention he was working as a bus driver? Yes he did. Now he was 25 at the moment, but one day, wasn’t he gonna be the appalling 55 year-old bus driver I just described? Yes he was. O boy, what had I said…

I don’t know if he was any offended by that or if he even realized what I had said, but just realizing my mistake was awkward enough. What if I would start thinking before opening my mouth for a change? I could definitely use some practice. It’s not like it’s the first time I’m talking without thinking things through properly!

I know this may not be the most serious mistake ever, but I was still embarrassed from it. Poor bus driver… Well, better luck next time! I try to think of the positive aspects as much as possible. After all, I did learn something – don’t use clear examples before analyzing the members of the room! I also need to work on my thinking-before-talking skills, although that is gonna take longer. I heard something clever today, though. If you’ve read the Bible, you may have encountered it too, in Matthew 15:18: “But what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart, and this defiles a person.” Maybe if I stop thinking of bus drivers as something appalling (not that I do that a lot, this is also an example), I would never have to worry about saying such a thing? I think there’s much truth in that!

So what do you say, Beautifuls? Do you recognize the situation, talking without thinking? Well, if you do (otherwise this will just be a reminder to myself), try Matthew 15:18. Not only could it save you from awkward incidents, but make you a more positive person! I say give it a shot! ♥︎

Hang on there Beautifuls, 27 days till Christmas!



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