Sometimes I Just Wanna Spend The Night at Home!

Hey Beautifuls!

Are you party people? Busy people? People who prefers taking their walks in the night? Or maybe people that stays home way too much to be able to actually enjoy it? Me, I am busy people. If you can’t find me at work, you’ll find me in church, and if you can’t find me in church you’ll find me at my friend’s. You might even find me on an interesting meeting about integration some place far away, but at home? Wouldn’t think so!

I obviously enjoy having plenty of things to do, but I also happen to be the kind of busy people that could use a day off some times. The problem is that whenever I get the chance to finally stay home for a day, I can’t think of anything to do… So I get bored! Thereby, I’m afraid I need to have 28 balls in the air on the same time! Otherwise I’ll just get “bored”!

But do you know what I’d really enjoy? An evening off! An evening is just the perfect amount of time where I can make myself a nice sandwich, turn on an episode of friends and just relax – without getting bored! It’s so simple, but I love it! Especially now that it’s getting dark and cold outside (at least where I live).

Something I used to do when I wouldn’t have the weekends packed with stuff is to pop some popcorn and spend the evening watching a good movie. Last week, I realized how long it had been since the last time I did that. So I saved the Friday night, watched the movie and fell in love. I really missed this.

Honestly, I don’t understand why I gotta be so busy all the time. In fact, I should do this more often. Just stay home and watch a movie with no need to worry about anyone but myself and my popcorn. That’s why I’m saying: Sometimes I just wanna spend the night at home!

And who knows? Maybe you could use a free night too? I don’t think anybody could say no to popped popcorn and a good movie. Although, to some (busy) people, it is tempting to skip the movie and do something more important instead. Well, Beautiful; don’t. You if anybody would need to unwind!

So, what are you gonna do tonight? I’m imagining you singing back to me in a choir right now. “That’s right”, is what I would tell you: Spend the night at home! ♥︎

Allow yourselves to take a break, Beautifuls!

Your one and only,



The Boy No One Could Help (Part Two)

Hey Beautifuls!

If you haven’t yet read the first part of the story, I’d recommend you to read THIS first. Otherwise, this would be the second part of The Boy No One Could Help: To Walk And Talk.

Part Two: To Walk And Talk

Simon and I had decided to meet in the City Park. Usually I didn’t meet with stranger guys like that, but since we’d already met once (and I’d been quite clear with the fact that I was interested in somebody else to avoid future complications if he’d for any reason develop feelings for me), I thought I’d be fine. Besides, I knew he really needed someone to walk and talk to (Simons way of putting it), and I didn’t mind being there to listen.

Walking into the park, I was nervous of course. After all, pretty much all I knew about this guy was that he could kill himself any minute. The funny thing was that from the moment we said “Hi” to each other, it wasn’t weird at all. He asked me how my day had been, I said “good” and asked about his day and he said “well, not good”… Then again, he started talking, and this time I’m sure I got to take part of his entire story.

Simon was born in Afghanistan. Shortly after his birth, his parents had run to Iran because of the war. He grew up as the eldest of three children: him, his little brother and his sister which he loved very much. Being the first born son, his parents chose to treat him differently from his siblings. If somebody did wrong, he was the one being lectured, by anything from harsh words to violent fists. It might would have been different if his father hadn’t been an alcoholic or if his mother would have had the courage to say interfere, but they were his parents. And even though he hated them, he loved them as well.

Getting older, things got more brutal at home, though. Simon decided to leave the house when his father had a final outrage on him and ended up beating Simons grandpa to death, of course blaming Simon for the incident (which Simon still believes in). He was twelve years old by that time, when he had to live on the street and when he needed to learn how to make it on his own. In waken condition fully concentrated on finding food to make it through the day, and a place to sleep to make it through the night. Eventually Simon found a place to live, at an Armenian woman’s house in exchange for labour. The Armenian woman was a business woman and owned a nice computer company in the city. There he stayed until he decided it was time to take off, and leave Iran and everything that came with it behind, for good.

The reason why Simon was talking as much as he did could easily be because I didn’t say much, but I wasn’t sure how to respond. What do you say when you hear something like that? To me, his life seemed like a movie. But I really tried to imagine what he’d gone through. Just sensing how it would feel like when your parents don’t want you and how on earth a twelve-year-old kid could be living on the street; but I couldn’t, no matter how hard I tried. I could see where the darkness came from, though. Especially after hearing how his mother had called him after he’d got here to tell him they never wanted him to come back ever, AND after hearing about him meeting the love of his life (and the only one who’d bring love and happiness into this darkness) – dumping him.

In fact, (and I wasn’t surprised any longer) he had tried to suicide several times already. Every time he’d done it, somebody had managed to stop him, though. At least twice: his New Mother (as he prefers to call her); Mary (who he no longer had any contact with since he’d happen to chose his girlfriend before her…). Obviously, he hadn’t been able to pursue with her watching him. This was why his plan was to go back to Afghanistan and suicide there, where no one cared about him.

I came to hear this story many times. Every time we met, at least some part from his previous life came up. Mostly we talked about his girlfriend. To him, the break-up was the worst thing among all of his experiences that had ever happened to him, and what had hurt him the most. She was the reason why he now spent his days staring into the wall and his nights burying the pain in alcohol and cigarettes. My idea was that she was the bomb that started a series of explosions, but it didn’t really matter. He was just as ruined and depressed anyways.

Still, talking calmed him down for a bit, in comparison to the antidepressants, so we continued meeting as we did: walking and talking. Usually after discussing the “dark subjects”, we would start talking about movies or something instead. These were the moments which I really began to enjoy. Not broken-down, Simon was an amazing guy! He was nice and smart, and you could tell he had been forced to grow up at an early age judging from how experienced and intelligent he was. I had so much to learn from him! At the same time, he was a real actor that managed to make me laugh loudly and often as he made one of his many perfect impressions of Captain Jack Sparrow from the movies that he loved. Apart from that, he had an actual heart of gold. I was absolutely sure of that.

It was sad to know that a guy like him would have to be so miserable, because when we’d go our separate ways and he’d wake up the next morning, the depression would be ruling his life once again. And he would be staring into the same wall as he’d been staring into for the last couple of months. ♥︎


How to open and de-seed a Pomegranate!

Hey Beautifuls!

Is it possible to be addicted to something as precious as pomegranates? I’ve never heard of a pomegranate-addiction before, but honestly, I think I might have one. I just love these things. They’re red, beautiful and sweet, and full of surprises inside! I am just as excited every time I’m about to open one, because you never know how many new red juice spots will be added to your kitchen!

Although (and my mom might be the most grateful to this), I recently learned how to open a pomegranate in a simpler way, AND how to get the seeds out without squeezing them! Maybe my new skills are also in your interest? I’ll share my tips below! Still I must tell you: I watched this on a youtube video! Since I wasn’t bright enough to make it up myself…

Anyways, this is how to open AND how to de-seed a pomegranate.


Step 1: Use a knife and carefully make a long cut through the skin all around the fruit without cutting it in half. You don’t want the knife to get to the seeds.

Step 2: Get your fingers in there and split the fruit! Be careful, though, this is the messy part! After step 2, your halves should be looking like this.


Step 3: Slightly loosen it up a little bit by pulling the edges away from the middle. Try separating the different layers from each other.

Step 4: Place one of the pomegranate halves with the open (flat) side against the palm of your hand. Then use your free hand to beat the seeds out with a ladle or a wooden spoon (this part may also be a bit messy). A smart idea is to put a bowl under the pomegranate for the seeds to fall into.



Voila, there you go! You’ve successfully opened and de-seeded the pomegranate! Don’t worry if you didn’t get my perfectly detailed and patient guidance, youtube is full of clever tips!


Maybe you don’t have an addiction to pomegranates (yet), but if you ever come in contact with these pretty things, I hope this post have been useful to you! ♥︎

Take care!

Your Hair – The Worst Enemy of Them All

Hey Beautifuls!

Scary, isn’t it? That what is actually growing on your head is also what you should fear the most? Or maybe it’s only scary because you have no idea of what the heck I’m talking about? Sorry for that… I’ll explain my point!

When my best friend was twelve, she was probably the shyest twelve-year-old in the country. In fact, she was so shy it eventually made her decide to turn her life completely in-side-out. So one day, she said: “the end with hunching, the end with keeping your mouth shut and the end with hiding behind your hair!” Do you know what she did? She straightened up, started talking and cut her hair short. The last one must have been the hardest to go through with. She had gorgeous hair! Although it was also the one that appeared to be the most efficient way to go. Suddenly she had nothing to hide behind anymore. She had to face her fears, which made her the person she is today.

I keep marveling at how brave she was doing such a thing. I don’t consider myself particularly insecure, but it would take lots of guts of me to do the same thing. I mean, I like my hair! I think it suits me and I feel pretty letting it hang over my shoulders. Cutting it off actually would make me way more uncomfortable being around people than at the moment. Isn’t that funny? I’m only confident as long as I have my hair. That is why I don’t think that the security only was in my friend’s hair; but in all of our hairs!

Agree with me or don’t, but I think it’s true. Changing hairstyles is not only about trying a new look – it’s about breaking comfort zones! I have friends who tend to dye their hair, variate lengths, try bangs or shave one part of their head, and to be honest – they are more comfortable with stepping outside of their bubbles than, let’s say: me. I like trying new things as well, but when it comes to leaving my comfort zone, I’m more tempted to chicken out than to pursue with it. If I were forced to face my fears, like my friend who didn’t have anything to hide behind anymore (and I would change my hairstyle more than just cutting the edges), I think I’d actually be more self-confident! And real confidence should come from inside of you. It shouldn’t be in your hair!

So Beautifuls, if you think you might be like me, maybe you should make a bet with yourself and do as my friend did: change it. Cut it off! When you’ll be able to pull off any hairstyle, no one could ever defeat you!

Of course, you’d better want to change it a little bit too… Well, think about it! I’m sure I will.

Now have an amazing weekend you beautiful creatures! ♥︎

Yours Truthfully,



The Boy No One Could Help (Part One)

Hey Beautifuls,

Every Thursday for five weeks now, I’m going to release one new part of a story from my own life that came to have a great impact on me. The story is about Simon, a guy I got to know a while ago (don’t worry, you will find out who he is). Before you continue reading I want to give you a heads-up if you’re sensitive, though. The story could get pretty heavy. However, I made it through and so should you.

I’m going to do my best to give you an idea of my relationship with Simon as similar to mine as possible. Below you find the first part of the story: The Boy No One Could Help. I hope you find it interesting!


Part One: When I First Met Simon

Some time ago, a friend of mine asked me if I knew any available apartments in the city. A friend to him was looking for a new accommodation, and I promised to help. Finding nothing, I felt like I needed to turn to this friend of my friend that was looking for the apartment and tell him I hadn’t found anything. In 30 seconds he had already answered: “It’s okay, I found one last week.” I was happy to hear that. As a goodbye, I told him that I was glad for him and that maybe we’ll meet some time. In my world, that was more of a polite way to end a conversation than a suggestion of us actually meeting, but Simon interpreted it differently: “Really? It would be so nice to meet you! I don’t go out very much and I don’t have that many friends.”

Well, I have a heart, so I couldn’t exactly turn him down. Although, I didn’t feel like meeting a foreign guy alone just like that, so I invited him to come to church. You see, every once a week, my church were arranging language studies for newcomers. This time, I thought that would be perfectly suitable.

If you ever have met young men from the middle east, you probably know that they generally aren’t too tall. Actually, comparing them to men where I live, they’re rather small – but not Simon. Don’t get me wrong, Simon was not fat. He was just bigger than I was used to. His self-confidence didn’t quite match, though. Luckily, he had told me he was a bit shy before we met so that I didn’t need to expect anything else from him.

I went to welcome him at the entrance. He knew it was me. I invited him to play cards with me and my friends, which he objected to at first, but eventually we all sat down. He didn’t say much, so it was a little awkward, but I figured we would get over it soon. A few rounds, and then we’d all be like friends! No? Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out as I had hoped. The more people (not to say children) filled the church, the noisier it got, and before I knew it Simon had raised from his chair. “I’m going to the room over there”, he said. “I think it’s more quiet there”.

I thought I lost him. He was bored and he regretted that he had decided to come, and I was the one who had told him that it would be fun. The least I could do was to come after him and see if he was okay, so I did. I found him in the corner of the couch in the mentioned room where he sat on his own watching some other guys playing pool. I sat down next to him, and all of a sudden he started talking. In fact, that was the moment I realized that Simon was a real chatterbox. He just talked and talked, about his life in the past and about plans in the future. I felt like he told me everything. It was not like anything I’d heard before, though. Most people I knew were dreaming about traveling, starting college and getting an own apartment or a nice job where they could make tons of money. But not Simon. He had only one thing in mind that he knew that he wanted to do for sure. That was to return to his home country and kill himself. You see, Simon was sick of this life, and not like you hear people around you complaining over their sucky lives that actually aren’t as bad as they make it sound. Simon was REAL sick of living. And he was gonna end it, as soon as he had the chance.

I had struggled with those things before. Not that I’d had suicidal thoughts myself, but it was not the first time I heard someone I knew wanting to leave this planet. Difficult is not enough to describe how it is to try to get somebody change their mind about it. It’s like whatever I say, it’s not something that they haven’t heard before. They have the answers prepared already: “It won’t get better”, “It’s not worth trying” “Nobody wants me here, I will always be a left out!” But I don’t have anything else to say either, so I always feel like it’s worth giving it a shot. Simon would never buy that, though, I could see that. I had never met anyone as ruined as him before.

Nor had I met anyone as lonely as Simon before. He didn’t have any friends, and he nearly didn’t meet any people at all since the depression made it impossible for him to go to school. He pretty much sat at home starring into his wall, as he expressed it, day in and day out. And in the night, as he couldn’t sleep, he’d go out to forget about the misery for a few hours as the alcohol would sweep his memories away. The memories from a previous life had truly started to haunt him, now that he had so much time to think. What I noted was that while talking to me, he seemed to forget about all that for a while, though. What if he just needed to talk?

Apparently, again I thought it was worth giving it a shot. Before we left the couch and said goodbye that afternoon, Simon and I had decided to meet and go for a walk some time, which eventually turned into a routine. I didn’t mind, though. If a few hours a week of my time would make Simons life just a little bit better, I thought it was the right thing to do. Besides, who was I if I couldn’t even spend one or two afternoons a week to take a walk?

What I didn’t know was that these “walks” would come to affect me more than I first was willing to believe, and that I actually only was making Simons life worse. ♥︎


The Liebster Award

Hey Beautifuls!

A few weeks ago, I was nominated to The Liebster Award! It really warmed my heart when T.R. Noble announced that she had nominated me, especially since she is an absolutely incredible blogger! Her posts are positive and inspiring, on the same time meaningful and deep. Her passion for Christ and amazing writing sorta just makes you stuck in a second! So, if you haven’t checked out her blog already, you definitely should!

Now, what is this award really?

As I’ve found out, Liebster is originally a german word meaning many things, such as “good” or “kind”, but also “valued”. The award is a way to draw attention to blogs under 200 followers, and is given by bloggers to other bloggers. Hence, my task now, as I’ve been nominated, is to pass this on to eleven new bloggers. But first I’m going to answer the eleven questions given by T.R. Noble, moreover I’m gonna tell you eleven facts about myself!


Question #1: What is a moment in your life that changed the rest of your life forever?
The day I decided to follow Christ! I was thirteen by then and didn’t really know much about the world yet, but the fire that lit up my heart the moment I said I wanted to become a Christian was final. Suddenly I knew what was missing in my life, and I have not regretted it once.

Question #2: Since your first blog post, have you learned anything? What was it?
I have learned so much. For one thing I thought that readers would come out of nowhere and multiply as cockroaches (or you know, sort of), but if you want people to find your blog you need to put some effort to it. Moreover, I learned that I won’t always have the energy or the inspiration to write one post a day. Sometimes you’re tired, but that’s okay.

Question #3: If you could give any piece of advice right now, what would you say?
I would say: “Don’t drive yourself crazy.” You can’t be all over the place, doing everything at the same time, and you can’t do everything perfectly. All you can do is giving your best, no one could ask you for more than that! Live your life in the moment, but avoid hitting the wall. Do it your way.

Question #4: What kind of mark would you like to leave in someone’s life?
Most of all, I’d like to inspire. It’s cheesy, I know, but I always want to help, even though I know I can’t fix everything. Although, if I had the opportunity to choose, and I were to meet somebody only once in life and had this question in mind, I would want to be the person who brought a whole new perspective to their life. Making them see the good things, motivating them to take care of their being here on this earth. To spread love instead of hatred That’s the kind of mark I’d like to leave.

Question #5: Are there any regrets you feel right now? Could you mend them if you were able to?
At the moment I don’t have any regrets, but that’s probably because whenever I feel regret I’m pretty quick at judging whether it is something that I could forget about or if it’s something that I should fix. If it’s the second category, I take care of it as fast as I can. Otherwise it’ll just nag on me.

Question #6: What was your favorite childhood movie or book growing up?
Tarzan! I absolutely LOVE that movie. Actually, I’m not sure why, but I suppose it’s the access to the forrest (jungle) and the beautiful waterfalls! I have always been a big fan of the nature myself, and growing up I could only dream about living in a paradise like Africa. You know, without the scary jaguars or hunters that want to kill you…

Question #7: Do you like playing games? What is your favorite game?
If “games” is referred to “boardgames”, I love games. I prefer cards, since there are lots of variations of card games and it’s simple to carry around. I also enjoy quiz where I get to prove my intelligence (which usually isn’t as impressive while it counts as I would wan’t to believe when accepting the quiz…)!

Question #8: What is your favorite food to eat? 
I would say pizza or hamburger on this one if it wasn’t too obvious. I actually really like Spaghetti Bolognese. Italian food or Thai food is something I could live at!

Question #9: What could you go without for a month? (Choose something that wouldn’t be easy)
Technology! I try to convince myself that I don’t need my cellphone or my computer; that I’m strong enough to make it without. But the day I forget my cell at home, I’m proven the opposite after 10 minutes. I don’t wear a watch because I check the time on my cellphone, I don’t keep change because I call my friends on the phone instead of pay phones and I don’t need to look awkward waiting for something because I have my phone so that at least I can pretend I’m busy. You know what? A month without technology might be good for me…

Question #10: Who in your life has made a lasting impression?
I gotta say my friend Hossein. He moved here two years ago from Iran. I met him a couple of months after he got to the country, and by then he had already learned the, to him, brand new language fluently. He keeps impressing me every time we meet. I really don’t understand how an individual could be so bright.

Question #11: If you could do one small thing to help another person today, what would it be?
I would smile against them and ask about their day. A nice gesture doesn’t have to be extreme. Showing consideration may be more important than you’d think. Besides, it’s always appreciated to show a little interest in other peoples lives.



  1. I’m a musician. I both sing and play the piano, and I love composing pieces of my own, anything from heartbreaking ballads to jingles.
  2. My eye color is green, so is my favorite color.
  3. My favorite time of the year is spring, before all the bugs have invaded the forrest.
  4. If I’d have a pet frog, I’d name him Doug the Frog.
  5. In church, you may see me behind the mixer managing the sound of the service.
  6. I have a cat with a whole in the ear. The story behind is that she once was stung by a bee, and when the scab eventually fell of it took a piece of the ear.
  7. I have seven close friends. Three what study at university, two that are currently working and one that goes to the Philippines in a month to work as a nanny.
  8. My worst fear in the world is needles. I can’t stand seeing them and I can’t stand talking about them. So let’s move on!
  9. Sometimes I dream about becoming a professional sprinter. Then I start working out for one day, feel pleased with myself and eat cookies instead.
  10. I can juggle.
  11. I always tend to have plenty of stuff to do. That’s why, in Amsterdam, I had to take this picture:


 And now….

My nominees are:


Isa Radich

Queen TXTI

Growing Pains

Purple Leaves

The Poet Girl

The Only Bear

Living what you love


Unlost Wanderers 


Congratulations! Below follow the rules for the award, if you’d decide to accept it.


Rules of the Liebster Award:

1) Acknowledge the blog who nominated you for this award.
2) Answer 11 questions the blogger gave you.
3) Give 11 random facts about yourself.
4) Nominate 11 blogs.
5) Notify them.
6) Give them 11 questions to answer

My questions for you:

1) What inspired you to start blogging?
2) When you’re not blogging, what are you likely to be doing?
3) If you would have a superpower, what would it be and why?
4) Do you have any pets? If yes, what is the name of it? If no, what would you name it and what animal would it be?
5) What is your favorite movie/book and why?
6) If you were given a date with a celebrity, who would it be with?
7) How many colors has your hair been in?
8) What is your worst fear?
9) Do you prefer big cities or small towns? Why?
10) If you were to describe yourself with three words, what would it be?
11) If you could do anything for one day, what would you do?

I hope you accept the award!


Have a nice day, Beautifuls! ♥︎

Until next time,


Suicide And Other Thoughts

Hey Beautifuls,

Have you ever been sitting with a friend telling you that he or she is planning on committing suicide? Or have you maybe heard about people around you or friends to friends that has decided to finish their lives? I’m sorry if you have. It’s a rough thing to go through, especially if it happens more than once. In my case, unfortunately, this tends to reappear.

When I was fifteen, my friend tried to kill herself. I knew she was in a really bad place by then, but I had never seen that coming. You see, suicide to me wasn’t exactly something I saw as a common thing or “likely to strike”. I mean, I’d heard about it. You now “people around you or friends to friends” that had done similar things, but why would that happen to somebody I knew? Well, I was to find out that suicidal thoughts wasn’t as rare as I pictured it. As it turned out, nearly everyone I knew was struggling with something in life. And some of them couldn’t handle it anymore.

The friend I told you about nearly made it. She tied a snare in her room and hung herself in it. By the moment she was found, her brain was already damaged from the lack of oxygen, and she was in a coma for a month before she woke up. When she did, I though she’d be herself again. What I did not know, naïve as I was, was that the damage on her brain would not only rub her physically, but make her a completely different person. She never got normal again, and her family had to reset their lives completely to be able to watch her over and help her out with anything from getting out of bed to eating. Thinking about how her story ended, it really breaks my heart. On the same time, the suicidal thoughts in her head was gone, and that one time became no more than one time.

That is the difference between her and other friends of mine that also are ill. Some of them have tried to suicide several times without success, and they are planning on doing it again. That is probably the worst part: I know that they don’t feel well, I know that they pretty much could go and kill themselves any minute. But what can I do? I feel so small when I try my best to save my friends from ending their lives and they tell me that it doesn’t matter what I say; they’ve made up their mind. And if I manage to stop somebody, they might feel okay for a while. But sooner or later it’s coming right back at them and there I stand, in their eyes lucky as few and perfectly happy but actually completely ruined inside, asking the thin air: Is there nothing I can do? (The question used to be formulated differently, but when I didn’t get any answer, I sorta exchanged anything for nothing.)

Sitting with my friend telling me that he or she wants to die, I want to go down with them just because it is too devastating. Actually, in that moment, I hate living because it’s too unfair. But above all, I want to shut off completely because it is too hard to understand how somebody that has not yet started their life already wants to end it. I don’t get how we became so unhappy! Really, how did we get here?!

Well, it doesn’t make any difference anyways. Look Beautifuls; it is how it is, and we can’t do much about it. What we can do is to see each other and to help those who are falling to get back up. We are only human, and one day you may be on the bottom yourself.

Never try to handle suicidal thoughts on your own, though! Not your own and not somebody else’s either. Because no matter you believe in it or not, you will get dragged down too. It is not selfish to put yourself first. Besides, how are we ever gonna be any help if we too are as down as the people we want to help? ♥︎

Take care of your beautiful selves,



Going to Europe? – This is what you can’t miss!

Hello Beautifuls!

Since I went traveling through Europe myself, I thought I’d share some of my experience (and pictures) in case you’re planning on doing a similar trip. What is there really to see in Europe? Or rather – what is it that you just can’t miss? Here are my views on twelve of the many incredible cities in Europe!


No Shame in Amsterdam was the phrase my friend and I used; this for many reasons. Amsterdam is an absolutely amazing city, where boats and bicycles make most of the traffic, but it is also a city where cannabis can be found in nearly all tobacco shops and where prostitutes wave to the people passing by on the opposite side of the window. Still The Red Light District (where the women turn on the red light in their apartments to show the men outdoors that their available) is a surprisingly safe area, and my friend and I felt as secure as at home.



Well, well, well.. Where should I begin? Paris is exactly what everyone says it’s like: beautiful, fashionable, sophisticated, romantic and lively. Not only are there numerous of monuments and tourist attractions to discover; the city is also full of cosy cafés and restaurants – outdoors and indoors, great shopping and parks to relax in. You won’t find it a problem to keep yourself busy!



Even though crowded, Barceloneta Beach became by far my favorite beach during this trip. Taking the zipline up to Mount Mujic, having an ice cream and spending the rest of the afternoon at the beach before visiting the Magic Fountain of Mount Mujic was certainly a perfect day. Unfortunately, neither of us were very impressed by La Sagrada Familia or similar attractions, but that may also be because we had left the French capital the day before.


Marseille, Nice

Traveling by train along the French Riviera may be one of the most amazing experiences on this trip. Mountains and vineyards to your left, the Mediterranean to your right with crystal clear water… So beautiful. Being in Marseille, my friend and I actually decided to attend a scuba diving course. It sorta just felt right! If you’re going to Marseille or Nice, it is highly recommended to visit between June to September. Both of these are summer cities!



To me embarrassingly overpriced, but still worth a visit. It sure is a vision to watch the massive yachts in the harbor or take a look around inside of the Casino of Monte Carlo!



In contrast to Amsterdam, the Italian city goes one step further and eliminates all car traffic. The narrow streets, cosy shops and gondols in every channel you could think of makes Venice a unique stop for the journey. We were both in love at the first sight, then the tall buildings and the dark alleys sorta took it away in a second. To us, a couple of days were enough to see the inner city of Venice.



Big boss number two after Paris: Roma! In my opinion, Paris and Rome really remind about each other. Lots of tourist attractions, great shopping and nice restaurants and bakeries. There is something for all kinds of people! Besides, it’s easy to get around. We used a hop-on hop-off ticket for the city sightseeing buses the first day and simply walked the second day. Of course, for this a centrally located accommodation would make things easier.


Napoli, Pompeii

Arriving in Napoli, our first impression of the new city came as a bit of a chock. While Rome is a rich and modern city, Napoli is not. Wether you enjoy Napoli or not though, you sure will have a fantastic time in the city of Pompeii – or the ruins from it. Or why not at the top of a volcano? Find the right day-tour and you’ll experience both. A day that you will never forget!




Ancient times still lives in this city. Only watching the Parthenon in the distance makes you feel like you’re tossed back 3000 years, when it first was built. Athens also provides good shopping streets and nice beaches, some which costs to enter but others which don’t. Compared to cities as Monaco (and to some extinct Venice), Athens is heaven. Let’s just say the Legendary Burger at Hard Rock Café just became 4 € cheaper.


Vienna, Prague

Unfortunately, we only got to spend one evening in the Austrian capital, but despite the short visit we both got a very nice first impression. You could sense the artistic atmosphere the moment the train stopped, and the beautiful architecture astounded us.

In Prague we had the opportunity to spend the afternoon. A beautiful city core, inspiring musicians along the streets and delicious Trdelník could impossibly have made us disappointed.




Remember that life is too short not to travel, Beautifuls! ♥︎

Seize the day,
Your Lissy

You don’t know what you have until it’s gone…

Hey Beautifuls!

If anything in this world is bittersweet, this is, isn’t it? Sometimes we’re too focused on the things that we don’t have so we end up trading it for things that we used to have. That actually weren’t too bad, but we couldn’t see it until it was gone… So ironic.

I love the fact that school’s over for me at the moment. There’s no homework waiting to be done, no essays waiting to be written, no tests waiting to be failed… Or you know, something like that! On the same time, I can’t help thinking back on the lunch breaks when we would dive into a real deep subject that were nearly impossible to move on from. My friends were close and not at all going to colleges far far away. And the breaks! Imagine just being free from school for a whole week, or more! Well, ain’t gonna happen here for a while.

It sorta was the same when I broke up with my boyfriend. I wasn’t in love with him, so I couldn’t see him anymore. It wasn’t more complicated than that. Still during the time that we’d been together, he had become my best friend. Hence, I didn’t just break up with my boyfriend that day; I also broke up with my best friend. Again, bittersweet, but I guess that’s the circle of life.

You don’t know what you have until it’s gone..

For me, these are both situations with very clear examples of this. I mean, even though school was killing me, some parts of it was kinda soft. But that I didn’t realize until yesterday. So, there isn’t exactly much I could do about it. Only telling everyone I know that still goes to High School to enjoy the time! Because Beautifuls, if you’re still in school: you’ve got quite some facilities!

And Beautifuls, if you haven’t noticed already: time flies!
Make sure to do the best of it. ♥︎

So let’s stop rushing and start living

Best regards,


In love or what?

Hey Beautifuls!

I haven’t told anybody about this. I don’t know how to bring it up I guess, but I don’t feel like I have to tell anybody either. It’s too weird, honestly. You’ll understand why!

You see, about half a year ago, my friend asked me a very strange question. He had come to church that day, which he never used to otherwise, so I wasn’t too surprised when I read his text after the service. “I was gonna ask you something, but you were never alone.” Me, I wanted to know that the fuss was about, of course! So I asked him to tell me what he wanted. He was writing. Eventually I received the message: “Some day in the long life, could I kiss you?”- Okay, I had not expected that. Less so had I expected to say yes, which I also did.

I never had the nerve to do it, though. I mean, he was one of my best friends – it would have been too awkward. Besides, what if he’d start to develop feelings for me and I’d have to turn him down? I could lose him forever by that! On the same time I actually wanted to kiss him… I mean, what is one kiss really? It’s not like it was a big deal!

The more I waited for it, the bigger it seemed, though. Eventually I understood that I had to do it; it was mean to keep him waiting as well. So last week we kissed. It was awkward in too many ways to count, but, and I could never see myself saying this: I liked it. He was glowing after that kiss; he seemed real happy. Only that made me happy. Still I couldn’t help thinking of him the next day, which had nothing to do with the fact that I was happy to have made him happy. No, this was something else. I thought of him the day after the next day, and the day after that as well. And tonight, when he revealed that there was “this girl” who seemed to check him out that he had a crush on as well, my heart even broke a little.

I don’t want us to get involved. It’s better that we stay friends, because if we do, the chances of somebody hurting the other one are smaller. Still it would be exciting to see where it could go. What if this would be the real thing, and I’m dismissing it?

If anything I would just want to kiss him one more time, now that I know it won’t be awkward anymore. I shouldn’t though, should I? Now that he has this other girl and all that. I think I’d better let it go, and keep my friend, right?

*Sigh*… Couldn’t I just have both? ♥︎

Please hang in there with me, Beautifuls. There is somebody for everyone out there.

All my love to You,


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